Day 12 of our two week Health and Wellness Challenge calls for our edgiest workout yet.

If you’re anything like me, the “spiritual journey” that instructors preach during popular spinning classes always leaves you giggling on your bike. As much as I try to take it seriously, I can’t fully emerge myself in the “give a soft grunt, bring your hands together, and take in all the good energy from your fellow riders” routine. I know that it’s all in good fun and that many people enjoy it, but to me it just seems so silly. When I discovered The Monster Cycle‘s nitty-gritty no-nonsense style, I immediately signed up for a class.

the monster cycle
In a pitch black studio, with the only light coming from sexy music videos flashing across two large screens, I started out my Friday evening with a sweat session like never before. As I hopped on my bike I was shocked by the unpretentious feeling that surrounded me. From previous experience, spinning classes are usually filled with fit, skinny models giving side-eye to any “regular” looking riders. This class was filled with tons of fun, cool people from all types of backgrounds just trying to get in a great workout.

The non-judgemental environment was the perfect way to pump me up because this would be the first spin class where I would be seated on a dreaded front row bike. Usually, I opt to sit in the back where no eyes will fall on me, but at The Monster Cycle once I saw that my classmates all looked to be perfectly nice people, I didn’t care about my very visible location. As the class peddled along, some of the most sultry songs from the past 25 years blasted away, resulting in a fun, sexy environment. Between the beats and my front row seat, I felt so cool and pumped up that I didn’t even care what I looked like as I peddled my rapidly beating heart out.

Our awesome instructor, and The Monster Cycle creator, Michael Macneal, kept things exciting with tons of encouragement and motivation. During one song, we added resistance every time we heard a certain lyric while remaining at the same tempo. Although we were constantly given instruction and pep talks, I never felt pressured to perform outside of my personal athletic ability. Despite the edgy, dramatic vibe, The Monster Cycle isn’t just for super intense spinners, they offer workouts for every level of rider. After taking this class, I’m not surprised this studio has everyone from healthy goths to goody-two-shoes running to reserve a bike.
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After hopping off my bike, I was happy when I got to the locker room and the showers turned out to be yet another wonderful surprise. Normally I wouldn’t even mention a gym’s showers because let’s be honest, usually they are what they are. But, at The Monster Cycle they offer up a luxury experience. Riders are treated to two private rooms complete with hair and body products, fluffy towels, and cool pink neon lighting. All of this made my post-workout shower feel like a trip to a funky spa. Pro tip: when you’re done, pop over to the brand new blow bar to give yourself a seriously sassy blowout.

Want to channel your inner beast and take a ride at The Monster Cycle? Head to their website and book your first class for only $13!

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