Why CKO Kickboxing Made Us Feel Like Fighting Legends

Put up your dukes! For day 13 of the two week Health and Wellness Challenge we took a jab at kickboxing.

After a weekend full of binging on unhealthy snacks, our Editorial Director, Ani, and I knew that we seriously needed to get back into our workout game. So, we made our way across the East River to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to attend an hour-long sweat session at CKO Kickboxing. As two kickboxing amateurs we had no idea what to expect. Would we be placed in a ring against a snarling opponent? Would one of us lose an ear? Only time would tell.


When we first walked into the gym we caught the tail end of the previous class. Music was bumping and participants were going crazy on their bags.  Everyone was giving it their all and looking seriously fierce while doing it. To prepare for this class, we obviously had to get into character. As fate would have it, we realized that both of our names perfectly fit into this year’s pay-per-view top-grossing boxing match. It was nothing short of destiny. Introducing Leah “Money” Gayweather and Ani “Pacman” Pacquiao, two featherweight newbies ready for the fight of their lives.

With our new personas in tow, we found a spot in the back, put on our gloves, and squared up with our bags. We never stopped moving during the 60-minute class. From jabs, to squats, situps, and even roundhouse kicks, we worked every muscle and kicked punching bag butt. With a motivating instructor, and blasting music, the entire experience was full of excitement and high energy. We even got a special shoutout during the class as our trainer, and CKO Williamsburg co-owner, Matt, announced “Come on Spa Week, you can do it!” Totally cool.

I am not sure that we floated like butterflies or stung like bees, but we definitely had fun trying. By the time we were done we were drenched in sweat and exhausted. I learned two things during this class. First, I throw the softest punches known to mankind. Even when I felt like I was totally about to perform a knockout, my flailing fists would barely move the bag. Second, kickboxing is a great full body workout. It’s no wonder that celebrities like Adriana Lima and Eva Mendes are upper-cutting their way to better bodies.

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CKO Kickboxing hosts locations across the United States. To reserve bag, head to their website and book your first trial class for free.

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