For the final day of our two week Health and Wellness Challange, we wanted to find out why Pure Barre is the hottest craze to hit the workout world.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Pure Barre, the widely popular gym that has exploded across the nation. I’d seen countless Facebook friends share their love for these unique classes, but the studio remained a total mystery to me. The concept of  a”barre” class just seemed foreign to me. Is their dance involved? What about flexibility? Our Editorial Director, Ani, and I had to find out.


Photo By: Pure Barre

When we each walked into Pure Barre’s Union Square studio the staff immediately knew it was our first time. This confused us at first, but we soon learned we were easy to spot because we were both wearing workout shorts, which are not allowed in the studio. No wonder we stuck out like newbie sore thumbs. The staff was extremely accommodating in setting us up and explaining that for the future leggings, pants, and capris are required. Although we looked like idiots, no one made us feel like we were.

Contrary to what I originally believed, we did not spend the entire class on the barre. I came to realize that this would’ve been nearly impossible given that our legs were shaking for the entirety of the barre portion of the class. The rest of the class was spent in the middle of the room or on mats up against the mirrors using resistance bands, weights, and balls.

Photo by: Pure Barre

Photo by: Pure Barre

To engage our core, seat, legs, and arms our instruct had us complete precise tiny movements, just an inch at a time. This was so different from any class I had ever taken. Usually, instructors are yelling things like, “higher knees! Move Faster!” but at Pure Barre we made extremely small motions, which ultimately produce better results. It was a full-body workout packed into a nice 55-minute package. The best part? No dance background or flexibility is required. When all was said and done we left with sore muscles and happy hearts. This studio definitely gets our seal of approval and we totally embrace the shake.

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