Cowabunga! We’re concluding our two week Health and Wellness Challenge with a surfing simulation courtesy of SurfSET Fitness.

As someone with minimal swimming skills and mediocre balancing abilities, I always thought surfing was completely out of the question for me. The thought of attempting to stay afloat atop an unstable board while waves came crashing towards me was enough to have me clutching onto dry land. I was fully prepared to leave surfing to brave souls like Mick Fanning and Bethany Hamilton until I heard of SurfSET Fitness

The name sounded familiar to me and then I had a lightbulb moment. I had seen this company on one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank. As far as I was concerned, if something is Mark-Cuban-approved, it had to be good. Plus, the simulation of surfing, minus threats of drowning, sunburn, and sharks seemed like it would be fun. Obviously, I needed to book a spot in this class.

surfset fitness

Photo by: SurfSet Fitness

When I first hopped up on my board, I was surprised at how unstable I felt. Since the boards are designed to mimic the movement of a surfboard on water, any small weight shift moves the board from side to side. Don’t let these photos fool you, there is quite a bit of balance and coordination involved. This doesn’t mean the class is only for pro-surfers, SurfSET offers classes at every level. Whether you’re like me and have never stepped foot on a surfboard or you’re a wave riding veteran, there’s a SurfSET session for you.

Combining real surfing actions with entertaining cues like, “hurry there’s a wave coming, paddle faster!” while adding in fitness favorites like squats, toe touches, and planks, this class was the perfect balance of fun and hard work. I was sweaty and breathing heavily as I learned real surfing maneuvers like ducking under waves and “popping up”. I felt like I practically belonged in Blue Crush.

Throughout the 45-minute class, I became more and more comfortable on the board. By the end, the instructor told us to do some of the same squats that we shakily attempted at the beginning of class. To our surprise, everyone was much more stable this time around, able to complete deeper, steadier squats.

Am I going to head out on the gnarly waves in the open water anytime soon? Probably not. I’m still perfectly content in the air conditioned SurfSET studio, paddling against an imaginary ocean on their surf stimulation boards. If I ever do decide to throw on a wetsuit and drop in, I definitely think this class will have prepared me at least a little bit.

Want to hang ten alongside the SurfSET Fitness crew? If you’re in New York City head to SurfSET NYC to schedule your first class for just $25, or check out SurfSET Fitness for a class near you. Surf’s up!

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