Are You Using the Wrong Haircare Products?


are you using the wrong haircare products?Philip Kingsley is the world’s most respected authority on hair and scalp health. He coined the term “bad hair day” and has been called “The Hair Wizard” by Vogue. His namesake line of haircare products was the first in the world  developed specifically for the texture of hair. These categories include fine, medium, coarse, and African-Caribbean. Most other brands offer products for different types of hair, for example, dry, damaged, or coloured. Kingsley spent 60 years as a trichologist studying hair and scalp health. He believed that if people got to know their hair texture, they’d use the right products, see great results, and learn to love their hair.

How to Identify Hair’s Natural Texture

Are You Using the Wrong Haircare Products?

My fine hair has disappointed me since ever since I started to find it important, right around the same time that things like boys and makeup started to become of interest. It was no surprise when I identified my hair as “fine” according to Kingsley’s hair texture guide. Does my hair look limp, feel thin in texture, and lack natural body and bounce? Unfortunately, I can check yes next to all those boxes. I like to compensate for this with my clip-in RPZL hair extensions to give my hair tons of extra volume and length. I go there for a blowout complete with my clip-ins at least once a week because I’m so addicted to the difference it makes. Sadly, those clip-ins have to come out at the end of the night and I’m left with my sad, limp locks. Enter Philip Kingsley’s Body Building line.

I’m always on the prowl for products that promise to give my hair a much-needed boost. Philip Kingsley’s Body Building Shampoo and Conditioner guaranteed just that. Along with those products, I thought I’d give the Scalp Toner, Exfoliating Scalp Mask, and Elasticizer a whirl. I’d never used a scalp mask or toner before and I wasn’t exactly sure what the benefits of an Elasticizer actually were, so I was looking forward to seeing what kind of results they had to offer.

Hair Health & Common Myths

An important factor when it comes to having the best, healthiest hair possible is nutrition. Hair cells are the second fastest multiplying cells in the body. Our hair grows around 1/2 an inch every month, which takes a lot of energy. This means a nutritionally balanced diet can have great effects on your hair’s length and health. Could my diet give me voluminous tresses to match that of my beloved clip-in extensions? Probably not, given my texture, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to improve the overall health of my hair. Healthy hair has shine, movement, bounce, fullness, moisture, and most importantly — elasticity. Elasticity means tensile strength, this is measured by the limit to which a piece of hair can extend before breaking.

When it comes to getting healthy hair it’s also important to know fact from fiction. Many common hair myths, it turns out, just aren’t true. “Rumour has it that if you don’t wash your hair, it will clean itself. Utter nonsense! You should wash and condition your hair daily,” Kingsley once explained during an interview. He also said that dandruff is not the result of a dry scalp but is actually caused by an oily one. Using oil to combat it will only result in oilier flakes. Two more myths he dispelled were the notions that you can make hair grow faster by cutting it more often and that if one grey hair is pulled out, two will grow in its place. According to the Kingsley and his many years of scientific research, all of these things simply aren’t true.

Putting Kingsley’s Products to the Test

Philip Kingsley Haircare

Armed with new knowledge, I decided to give all my Philip Kingsley products a test run. I started with the Geranium & Neroli Elasticizer ($54) and Exfoliating Scalp Mask ($30), which can be used in tandem. I wet my hair and applied the mask to my scalp in one-inch sections working from the front to the back before gently massaging. Then I applied the Elasticizer in sections, worked it in with my fingertips, and covered my hair in the convenient plastic cap that comes with each jar.

After twenty minutes, I hopped in the shower to rinse the products with the Body Building Shampoo ($30) and Conditioner ($34). Before bed, I gave my hair a light towel dry and applied the Scalp Toner ($34) to in one-inch sections, distributing it with my fingertips. When I woke up my hair felt and looked thick and voluminous despite the fact that I’d slept on it all night and had done nothing to style it. These were the types of results I’d get if I used multiple volumizing products before tediously drying it with a round brush. Clearly, I had found the right Philip Kingsley system to fit my fine hair’s needs. I was blown away that these products could have such an impact after just one use. It’s no wonder fans of Mr.Kinglsey’s products include celebrities with enviable hair like Sienna Miller, Kate Winslet, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Finding Products That Work for You

 There’s a Philip Kingsley system for every hair texture. Head to Philip Kingsley to find the right products for your hair and learn more about hair health.

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