Get Ready for Autumn With a Fiery, Red Manicure

I’m in love with Deborah Lippman’s new fall line, but being that it is early August, I can’t fully dive into Autumn just yet. That’s why I decided to add a touch of deep red to my nails, while still keeping things light and bright with lots of open space.


What You Need

  • All In One 3 Way Glaze From essie
  • Deborah Lippman – Respect (New Fall 2015)
  • Nail Tape – Available On Amazon
  • Scotch Tape



1. Apply your base coat.

2. After applying base coat and allowing to dry, apply a thin piece of scotch tape to your pinky finger about 1/4 from the top of your nail.

3. Polish the tip with “Respect” and then slowly peal the tape off. Repeat this process with each nail.

4. Once the red is completely dry you will cut small stripes of sparkly nail tape.

5. Apply the nail tape where the red meets the natural nail color. This will also cover up any possible smudges that occurred when you peeled off the scotch tape.

6. Wait about 15 minutes before applying top coat. Do apply a generous amount of top coat to the nail tape. Make sure the ends are fully covered. You do not want the edges to lift, if this occurs simply reapply top coat.

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