FlexStudios’ 30/30 class combines two separate workout sessions into one heart-pumping 60-minute class.

As you know, I love trying out NYC’s most interesting and exciting workout classes, so when I heard about the 30/30 class at Flex Studios I immediately ran to book a class. The 30/30 class combines two 30-minute sessions of two separate workout classes, allowing you to get in multiple workouts during just one hour. I decided to take a combo of FlexBarre and FlexPilates. I love a good workout that doesn’t involve shoes, and both classes only require socks, so I was sold.

When I arrived at the Union Square studio, I was amazed at how large  it was. I especially liked the photos of people executing gorgeous dance moves, jumps, and stretches that lined the walls. While in the locker room getting ready for a nice mid-morning fitness break, I noticed almost all of my classmates had on sticky socks with toe cutouts. Feeling less confident with my sartorial sock choices, I meekly plodded into the classroom and over to my mat in blue polka dot gripper children’s socks. As a Barre newbie, only having taken one class prior to this, I was clearly unprepared in the footwear department. But, as soon as we began the session I felt totally at ease. This class does exactly as it advertises — makes you sweat. Combining all of the tiny barre-centric movements that you expect with fast-paced intervals to get your heart pumping, FlexBarre offers a barre workout like no other.

When we transitioned to the Pilates room, I had to idea what to expect. I had never taken a Pilates class before, so I was excited but nervous to hop on the reformer. As I had anticipated, I felt like a complete fish out of water at first. The machine’s carriage sloppily sliding back and forth as my weak body attempted to keep up with the exercises. Thankfully, my instructor, Jackie was extremely helpful. She came over multiple times to make sure I was okay, adjust the resistance for my skill level, and she even showed me alternate moves that were more my speed. Although I was clearly struggling, I never felt judged by my classmates. I also never felt like I was inconveniencing Jackie.

All in all, my first ever Pilates and second ever barre classes were equally successful. It definitely wouldn’t have been possible if not for the patience and careful instruction of Jackie and the non-judgemental demeanors of the other clients. No matter how much I may have struggled, I’d happily go back to FlexStudios. Not only did the class get my heart pumping, but the friendly atmosphere made me feel comfortable with my abilities, even when they were lacking.

Want to test it out yourself? Book your first class for just $25 at Flex Studios.

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