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Kristi Michelle C. “Having skin problems my whole life heavy concealer and foundation/powder are a must for me to even feel remotely comfortable in public.”
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Happy Friday everyone! We’re starting this week off with a giveaway inspired by Breakups to Makeup, a cheeky brand for beauty lovers.
Angelique Velez founded Breakups to Makeup because she wanted to spread the word that makeup is more than just a product. She believes makeup also serves as an art form and a staple for self-expression. We couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re going through a tough time or you just love makeup — the perfect lipstick or mascara could be just the thing to help you face the world and express yourself with confidence.
Someone on our team recently split with their boyfriend so we reached out to Velez to get some advice on how to get over a bad breakup. After reading her advice, we think she can add relationship guru (alongside professional makeup artist and entrepreneur) to her list of talents. Heartbreak or not, Valez’s stellar words of wisdom were really good. We hope none of you are in the midst of a breakup, but check out our interview with Valez below. Because hey, It never hurts to have some wise words in your back pocket. Then, check out the Breakups to Makeup prize bundle we’re giving away.
An Interview With Angelique Velez, founder of Breakups to Makeup
What’s the best way to perk yourself up after a breakup?

The best thing to do is try something new, whether it’s with your hair, makeup or both.  Change is good especially when you are starting a new chapter of your life.  Have you ever wanted to try something new, NOW is the time!  By changing your normal makeup regimen or even hair color, you are able to focus on yourself and try something that you may not have considered before.  
What’s the biggest mistake you can make after a breakup?
I would say the biggest mistake is following and/or stalking (ahem) a person on social media after a break up.  You are no longer talking to them and if social media didn’t exist you probably wouldn’t know what they were up to anyway.  It’s time to tear off that band aide and let them go, that includes social media!  Trust me, it will be for the best.  Also, if you can unfriend their  friends or people who might post up information or pictures of them, I would do that too!  Out of site, out of mind!  
What’s the best way to get over someone?
I think the best way to get over someone is to give yourself time.  It’s only natural to be upset and you need to allow yourself the time to do so.  Focus on yourself whether it’s changing your makeup/hair regimen, workout regimen or eating habits.  I would also say traveling if you are able to, is a really great way to get your mind off of someone.  When you are in a different area you probably won’t run into the person and therefore, have less of a chance of thinking about them.  You will also be away so you will be focusing way more on your trip than the breakup!
How long should you let yourself heal before you put yourself back out there?
As long as you need.  Everyone is different and I think it really depends how long you were with the person and how serious it was.  Take the time that you need, but definitely give yourself a grieving period.  Don’t get back out there before you feel you are ready, but don’t stay locked up in your house or apartment either!
Tinder: yes or no?
I have personally never tried it, but why not!  If it will help you get back out there and meet people, I say do it!  Especially if you aren’t looking for something serious.  Just be safe!
If someone is hitting the dating scene for the first time in a long time, what can they do to get their beauty groove back?
I would definitely say to buy a new outfit, something that is a great go to like a little black dress, but that makes you feel sexy! If you can afford it, buy a couple of items so that you have variety. Things that play off of what you consider to be your best assets. Also, play up your hair and makeup accordingly. As mentioned before change your makeup regimen somehow. If you normally focus on eyes, buy a bold lipstick and focus on your lips instead or vice versa. Wing liner is also a great technique that works for most eye shapes and is versatile from day to evening. If you are already a makeup girl and are used to exploring try new colors on your eyes than the traditional black and brown. Adding something different will get you excited and make you feel like a new person! The biggest thing to do is to have fun with your look, if you feel good about yourself others will take notice! Remember, beauty comes from the inside!This Friday, our giveaway will certainly allow you to have fun with your look, feel good about yourself, and get yourself noticed! One lucky winner will take home a Breakups to Makeup clutch, Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, and two Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks.

Breakups to Makeup Clutch

breakups to makeup

The stylish clutch is made out of durable, black canvas. You can use it as a makeup bag, but we think it’s cute enough for everyday use as a statement piece.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

breakups to makeup

If you want to give your lashes some major volume, length, and curl — this is the mascara to do it. Not only is it waterproof, but but it’s sweat, heat, and humidity-proof. We’re bringing it to you in Jet Black.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

breakups to makeup
We’ve got two Be Legendary Lipsticks for you, one in Fireball Matte and the other in Infrared Matte. Fireball, a gorgeous bright pop of red, comes in a special edition package designed by sketch artist, Donald Robertson. Infrared is a little more sultry, and just as sexy.
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  1. IzzyFrost


  2. liz

    Fresh sugar lip balm! In the tinted shade rose. I know I’m spf protected (which prevents wrinkles!), it gives me a sheer flush of color and keeps my lips moisturized and looking luscious, and who doesn’t think lipstick gives you a confidence boost? 🙂

  3. Cathy Bouldry

    My one item would definitely be a brown cream eyeliner..one that can be used for eyes, brows, and even gently as a lipliner.

  4. Jaimee

    Lipstick and mascara make me feel like I can conquer anything! @savvychic7

  5. Dee Schwark

    Mascara…definitely mascara and eyeliner…I have very blonde eyelashes so no matter what other makeup I wear without mascara I feel just blah!

  6. Paulina Rios

    I feel more confident with my lipsticks! Love how My face look with my lipstick with some beautiful color! Follow you on 3 social media

  7. Kelly Jean Curto

    Ever since beauty school way back in 1991, I learned that a small pick me up can be stored away in a small clutch for those days when you didn’t feel so much like yourself. After that I started offering make up services at the salons I was employed with. To make someone feel brighter, younger and more beautiful was wonderful on their special days , or not so special days. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  8. Dana Leatham

    Definitely a bold lip color makes me feel more confident!! And of course mascara to bring my out! 🙂

  9. shaylene stewart

    I love to shine with a dark black Smokie eyes. I use black eye liner and shadow. I finish the look with black mascara and clear lip gloss.

  10. Vicki Bolen

    A statement lipstick always makes me feel confident, as well as some flawless foundation .

  11. Velma

    The sweet clutch, bold beautiful eyes accented with the fabulous mascara, and of course the final touch sassy lips to create a confident sexy smile.

  12. Karlee Lawrence

    I would have to say mascara. Second is some lipstick 💋 💄

  13. Barbara Mayes

    Lipstick! I can be having a bad day, something about putting on lipstick that just makes me feel good!

  14. Dannielle Ward

    Lipstick makes me feel the most confident because nothing says “I’m in control” like the perfect shade of red! 🙂

  15. Sabrina Joy

    Eyeliner makes me feel the most confident because it just changes the way I look and makes me more fierce and bold!

  16. Gina Fann

    why cant I get makeup too match my skin color without having to mix 2 colors together

  17. Andrea Darst

    Following on all three (FB – Andrea Darst, Twitter/IG – @adarst213). Mascara is the one item I can’t live without – just making my lashes look great makes me feel sexy!


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