Find out how Row House NYC offers one of the best full body workouts around.

While most young professionals were spending their Thursday evening taking in tons of calories at local happy hours, Spa Week Daily’s Editorial Director, Ani, and I decided to celebrate the (almost) end of the week with an unforgettable workout. So, we made our way over to Row House NYC‘s West 59th Street location to burn calories with the best of ’em while getting our sweat on.

Now that I consider myself a rowing veteran, (okay, I’ve only taken two classes but whatever,) I was quick to hop on the machine. The Row House studio was really cool, with a skyline view from the water plastered on one side, and a huge Row House logo on the other. As soon as we started, I was eager to see what was similar to other rowing classes I had taken previously.

row house nyc

Photo by: Row House NYC

The first thing I noticed was the lack of weights. At a previous rowing class I’d taken, each machine had various hand weights on the floor alongside. At Row House, there was not a weight in sight. I was delighted because weights are absolutely not my thing. They’re boring and difficult. I prefer to strengthen my muscles with an exciting workout, not lift dumbbells like a caveman.

I was also pleased with the variety of the floor work. Although we completed multiple reps of each workout, we weren’t just holding planks for minutes on end, or rolling through hundreds of sit-ups. We moved to and from each exercise quickly so that each muscle was engaged while keeping it interesting. Each time we hopped on and off the rower, I wasn’t dreading what was to come, which was major progress for me.

My favorite part of the class came towards the very end while we were finishing up our final sets. Although we were exhausted, our instructor, Scott, told us to push ourselves, and not even to look at our stats. The music was blasting and the lights were turned off completely, the only illumination coming from small screens on each machine, the buzz of the machines creating an invigorating hum. We rowed as hard and as fast as we could, not knowing our speed, distance, or the time left. It was amazing to see what our bodies could do once we got in the zone and tested our limits.

All in all, our experience at Row House NYC was a serious success. We left with shaky limbs and sore muscles, but with feelings of empowerment and strength. I think it’s safe to say we will be back to row our way to healthier, better bodies, with a little fun along the way.

Want to exercise like there’s no tomorROW? Reserve your spot at Row House NYC for just $35.

(Pro Tip: There is a 10% discount available for students, firefighters, police, and military showing ID)

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