Oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader…

Growing up as an Air Force brat, I was never the “sporty” type. Moving every two years meant constantly finding new gyms and studios, oftentimes discovering that the level or specific class that I was previously taking was unavailable in my new town. Throughout high school, I enviously sat in the stands watching my friends tear up the soccer field, execute volleyball plays, and throw three-pointers on the basketball court. But, the main thing I wished to be doing? Cheering on the sidelines.


After watching countless films that idolized cheerleaders and their fun dance routines, I knew I had seriously missed out. When I came across Fierce Fit Athletics during a routine ClassPass search, I was extremely excited. Finally, I could live out my cheerleading dream while in the safety of a New York City studio alongside other cheer newbies. I signed up for the weekly 7:00 pm Monday evening class and pumped myself up for an evening of PomFit fun.

When I arrived at Pearl Studios, the first thing I noticed were the pompoms. Never having  held real pompoms, I raced to pick them up with sheer delight. Sure, I had waved my fair share of those flimsy pompoms that are often given to fans at football games, but never the real thing. As we started warmups, pompoms in hand, I felt like the coolest girl on earth.

During the 45-minute class, we started with some fast-paced warmup routines to get our hearts racing, sweat dripping, and muscles moving. By the end of the class I finally understood  why cheerleaders get so offended when people say cheerleading isn’t a sport. My muscles were working hard as we quickly moved from one exercise to the next, engaging our shoulders, legs, and arms over and over again. The fun atmosphere, hyped up music, and magic of the pompoms helped motivate me to keep going, smiling and sweating the whole way through.


After we were warmed up and ready to go our teacher busted out the choreography portion of the class. To teach us the dance, she broke down each move, making it easy enough for amateurs to understand but still engaging enough for the more experienced dancers. Once we’d been through the routine a few times it was time to put our hard work into action. As we got down to Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” I felt like I belonged courtside at a Knick’s game. My inner cheerleader was beaming after we went through the dance a few times and I was able to nail it without any mistakes. It was a crowning achievement.

Needless to say, I found PomFit to be a really fun class. I loved that I was was able to let loose and have a good time without feeling any judgment from my classmates. And although some of my moves may have been slower or smaller than some of the seasoned pros in the class, I finally got to try my hand at pom dance after all those years spent sitting on the sidelines.

Ready to pick up a pair of poms? Head to FierceFit Athletics to book a class for just $18.

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