Get Rid of Dry, Cracked Feet With These Three Products

dry cracked feet solution

Are your feet so dry and cracked that you’re embarrassed to wear sandals? Up until a few weeks ago you couldn’t have paid me to wear open-toed shoes in public. Today, my feet are in tip-top shape.

Lately I’ve been taking tons of workout classes and as a result, my feet are looking rough. While there’s nothing like a good pedicure to soothe sore feet and make them look pretty, I’ve been too busy getting sweaty at the gym to find the time. Plus, it would be rude to subject an innocent person to my dry, cracked feet, at least not before getting them in much better condition first. My feet look so bad that I’ve been too ashamed to rock sandals this summer even when I know they’d make my outfit ten times cuter. Clearly, this situation needed to be remedied — and fast.

To kick off my foot makeover I started with Baby Foot, a exfoliating peel containing 17 natural extracts that promise to leave you with baby soft feet. The thing that made me the most excited to try Baby Foot was that five to seven days after applying, the dead skin on my feet would start to peel off. I’m not just talking a few flakes, the company actually recommends that people wear socks when this starts to happen so they aren’t leaving trails of dead skin all over the place. If this sounds gross to you, then we are two very different people.

To get the best results, I soaked my feet for twenty minutes before applying the booties. Then I sat on my couch and watched Hulu for an hour before removing them and washing my feet. You can also watch Netflix or HBO Go, it’s your life, but you should definitely remain in one place so you’re not slipping and sliding everywhere.

Within five days, much to my glee, the dead skin on my feet was peeling like there was no tomorrow. Leah, Junior Editor and hater-of-feet, was horrified. But after completing step one of my foot transformation, my feet were looking better than ever. There wasn’t an unsightly crack or dry patch in sight. I was now free to confidently rock my sandals thanks to Baby Foot.

get rid of dry, cracked feet

Look Beauty Feetreat Pedi Mask, $9.99

To ensure these results would last as long as possible, I decided to try out Look Beauty’s Feetreat Pedi Intensive Moisturizing Foot Mask. To prep I washed my feet with warm water before applying the sock-like masks and settling into my couch to read a true crime mystery for 30 minutes. By the time the masks were ready to be removed I had thoroughly creeped myself out, giving every corner of my living room massive side-eye as I rubbed the mask’s remaining essence into my newly moisturized feet.

The next morning after successfully avoiding being murdered, my feet looked exactly how I imagine Beyoncé’s feet look — flawless.


get rid of dry, cracked feet

Spongellé Pedi Buffer, $16

If your feet are looking a little worse for wear, I’d definitely recommend Baby Foot and Look Beauty’s Pedi Feetreat. I was skeptical that I could get my feet to look so lovely without the help of a professional pedicure, so I was pleasantly surprised that within two weeks my feet had gone from embarrassingly gross to soft and silky. Baby Foot can be used once every couple of months so in between treatments I’ve been buffing away dead skin with Spongellé’s Pedi Buffer. It’s infused with skin-softening oils and extracts that leave my feet looking shiny and new each time I step out of the shower. Thanks so these three products I may never have to get a professional pedicure again.

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