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Dr. Dennis Gross, MD is a practicing dermatologist and board certified dermatological surgeon in NYC. He’s a favorite among celebrities and skincare lovers alike. He believes in the synergy between medical treatments, professional services, and retail products for at-home care. His skincare line aims to slow down and reverse the active aging process and prevent sun damage.

Known for his reputation for formulating breakthrough products, Dr. Gross was the first to develop a 2-step at-home peel gentle enough to be used on a daily basis yet still strong enough to deliver effective results. These Alpha Beta Daily Peels by Dr. Gross fight fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture to produce radiant, glowing skin.

I recently had my skin photographed by a Visia Complexion Analysis machine to get a detailed analysis of my skin’s spots, wrinkles, pores, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, texture, and acne-causing bacteria. While my skin’s texture had a near-perfect score of 98% my pores were by far my worst area of concern, only scoring 11%. Obviously, I needed to find a way to shrink those suckers, and preferably fast.  After doing some research, I found Dr. Gross’ Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peels. These promised to not only reduce the size of my pores, decrease my fine lines and wrinkles, but they would also help stimulate collagen and increase my skin’s elasticity. Not only that, it was the first product I’d ever seen that had all of my favorite ingredients. Here’s a breakdown of each step and their respective formulas:

Step one: Exfoliate & Smooth

Glycolic Acid – Visibly reduces the signs of aging

Lactic Acid – Naturally-occurring alpha hydroxy acid used to speed up cell renewal

Malic Acid – Promotes cell renewal and fights wrinkles while exfoliating and moisturizing

Citric Acid – Helps speed up cell renewal

Salicylic Acid – Reduces the number of pore blockages while building elastin and collagen

Chamomile – An anti-inflammatory that neutralizes irritation and soothes.

Step Two: Firm & Lift

Retinol – Smoothes wrinkles and lines while increasing moisture and elasticity

Green Tea Extract – Natural antioxidant that protects against free radicals and environmental toxins

Phospholipids – Natural substance that draws moisture from the air and seals it into skin

Genistein – Stimulates collagen and diminishes its breakdown

Ubiquinone (CO-Q10) – Potent antioxidant that defends against free radicals and builds collagen

Resveratrol – Potent antioxidant and anti-aging polyphenol that protects from free radical damage

Whether you’re trying to reduce the size of your pores, fight the signs of aging, or exfoliate your way to a beautiful glow — these peels are going to get you there. Ever since I started using them every night I’ve been waking up with fewer fine lines, smaller pores, and much smoother skin. To enhance the effects of the peel, and give my skin an even more refreshed look, I started adding two drops of Dr.Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster to step two. The whole process takes less than three minutes. Just apply step one to your face and neck (I also like to swipe it on the tops of my hands) then wait two minutes before adding a couple of drops of Radiance Booster to step two and swipe on. That’s it! No washing necessary, no mess, no fuss. After I’ve completed the peel I like to wait at least ten minutes before applying Pestle & Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Acid and M-61 PowerGlow Serum to ensure my skin has absorbed all of its ingredients.

I was so impressed with the results I was seeing from adding the Alpha Beta Power Peel and Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster to my nighttime beauty routine that I decided to reach out to the dermatologist to ask him for some skincare tips and to find out more about his line. Check out our chat below.

Dr.Dennis Gross Interview

What made you want to be a dermatologist?

Naturally, I was fascinated with the ability to improve the overall health of skin, but the beauty aspect appealed to me as well. Helping people feel better about the way they look is very rewarding. So it’s really the synergy between health and beauty. I began my career with Memorial Sloan-Kettering where I did skin cancer research. I recently saw a patient who came in for cosmetic procedures and I was able to detect melanoma on her, which saved her life. I knew she was a sun worshipper so we did a full body check, in which, we found something potentially life threatening. This is just an example of how gratifying it is to me to be able to practice both health and beauty procedures.

Why did you decide to start your own skincare line?

During my years in private practice in Manhattan, I noticed that my patients seemed to be going through what I call “the merry-go-round of discontentment.” No matter what they tried and tested, they were dissatisfied with the lack of results from the skincare products that were available on the market. With my background in skin cancer research and as a product formulator, I was convinced that something better could be created which is how the line began. Initially, I began mixing the original Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peels right in my office; however, shortly thereafter the demand became so great that we needed to seek additional help and that’s how the company grew.

What’s the most common skin concern your patients have?

Female consumers are most interested in products that will keep their skin healthy, flawless and ageless. The biggest mistake that women make regarding their skin is getting started too late on preventing and slowing down the aging process. When we are young, skin is vibrant in its production of collagen. Keeping cells revved up and stimulated is preferable to letting the cell machinery run down and then trying to revive it later.  I recommend to exfoliate daily – a healthy rate of skin cell renewal is one of the key components of radiant and even-toned skin. Consumers rely on results, and rely on us to produce both immediate and long term results.  Also, sun damage has becoming an increasing concerns as the effects are real and obvious – sun damage equals wrinkles and sun spots later on in life. Sun is our skin’s worst enemy when it comes to causing signs of premature aging.

If someone is worried about wrinkles and fine lines, but they don’t want to go under the knife, what treatments or products do you recommend for the best results?

Incorporating retinol into your daily routine is the gold standard when tackling fine lines and wrinkles. My Ferulic + Retinol Brightening Solution contains proven anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinol, and exfoliating acids to help to smooth out these lines and make them less visible. My Alpha Beta® Face Peel is a must-try regardless of age, skin type, or skin tone. This peel contains multiple acids at low concentrations in order to be gentle and effective. It immediately removes old, dull skin, exfoliates, rejuvenates, brightens, and make skin appear younger.

I recently started using your Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peels along with your Radiance Booster and I’m loving the results. Can you explain how each product works and why they’re so effective?

I’m so glad to hear you’ve been loving the products!  The Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel is the best seller in the line and also the most popular amongst my patients (as well as the first product I developed).  It is unlike the harmful glycolic chemical peels of the early nineties. I developed this peel to consist of a proprietary blend of different acids.  This carefully selected formula yields both maximum benefits without irritation. It literally addresses every skincare concern from acne to rosacea, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improves radiance and tone, and produces an over-all glow.  The Radiance Booster is a fantastic product because it’s a time-released concentrate that supports healthy skin turnover. This is the key to even skin tone and radiance.  The complex of three acids – pyruvic, tartaric and linoleic – support healthy skin cells and what’s unique about this treatment is it can be used three ways:  directly on the skin, added to makeup, or added to your favorite moisturizer for that extra boost.

You just released the Alpha Beta Peels for sensitive skin. Can you tell me about those? What makes them different? Are they still just as effective?

Understanding that even the most sensitive skin needs powerhouse ingredients to combat signs of aging, I wanted to formulate a new peel with the most gentle exfoliation.  The Ultra Gentle Daily Peel formula features 3 different acids vs. 5 in the Original Formula. No mechanical abrasion, just gentle detachment of dead skin cells to that will safely polish skin without stripping the moisture barrier or causing irritation.  Ultra Gentle Daily Peel is ideal for first time peelers, or those with skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema, etc.  This is a perfect treatment to address dullness (exfoliation assists with brightness and radiance) and it absolutely smooths texture and promotes cellular renewal for an even, glowing complexion.

A lot of our readers have expressed that they struggle with oily or combination skin. What’s the best solution for cutting down oil without drying out skin?

If your skin is dry in certain areas, like the cheeks, but continues to be oily in other areas, such as your forehead, nose, and/or chin, you have combination skin and should try to target your skin’s specific needs. This will help you to achieve and maintain balance.  Treat your t-zone with pore clearing ingredients such as Salicylic Acid or its natural alternative Willow Bark Extract to clear pores & exfoliate. It’s also great to use Witch Hazel as a natural astringent over Alcohol.  In dry areas, such as the cheeks, look for moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin E, Essential Oils, and Hyaluronic Acid.  Use a cocktail of ingredients so you’re customizing your best skincare treatment.  I developed my Clinical Concentrate Boosters specifically for these types of regimens. You can add to your makeup or moisturizers for the extra boost.

Is there anything else you want to mention or think our readers should know about skincare, your products, etc?

There is no cure for the aging process. You can only treat it. And that means you have to keep up with it. It’s the same as muscle – use it or lose it. You have to treat skin with a regimen. You have to keep up with it to fight the free radicals that come from sun exposure today, yesterday and years ago. Free radical damage is delayed. Sun exposure from your teens is still wreaking havoc on your skin today. You have to keep up with the aging process, keep the cells turning over. It improves your skin tone and treats large pores — which is actually another part of aging.  Collagen stimulation is the key as that is the root of all aging. You can stimulate collagen, like stepping on the gas, with the right ingredients in the product mix. That is what I specialize in. Collagen is the key structural protein that firms skin, that we lose as we age, that sun destroys, that when rejuvenated makes lines and wrinkles look vastly better.

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