I’ve always dreamed of opening an antique shop with my mom, ever since we used to spend our weekends poking through garage sales and thrift shops up and down the Oregon Coast. So when Murder at Honeychurch Hall kicked off with a light bicker between a mom and daughter about to go into the antique business together, I was in like Flynn.

The first thing you need to know about Murder at Honeychurch Hall is that it takes its cues from classic mystery storytelling. We’re talking Agatha Christie here: A sprawling family cast, an old English estate, a murder mystery, and it’s even set in Devon, Christie’s favorite locale! Murder at Honeychurch Hall opens with Kat Stanford, the host of a TV program called Fakes and Treasures, who’s about to start an antique business with her recently widowed mother, Iris. But things get a little wacky when Iris reveals she impulsively bought a dilapidated carriage house on a charmingly rundown English estate several hundred miles outside of London.


When Iris and Kat arrive at the manor house, the hijinks begin. There’s a touch of that Downton Abbey upstairs-downstairs atmosphere, to start, complete with an octogenarian countess and a vast trove of heirlooms and antiques. Kat and Iris shake things up from the start: Iris arouses suspicion among the residents of Honeychurch, and that’s before she reveals that she’s been secretly writing best-selling bodice rippers under a pseudonym not even Kat knew about. Then there are the paparazzi who trail Kat into the countryside, hungry for gossip about the TV celebrity. But Honeychurch is one to talk about drama. With eccentric aristocrats, a family of ghosts, and piles of secrets to haunt them all, the stage is set for the ultimate old-school murder mystery. And Kat and Iris are right on time — though Iris has a few secrets of her own that may threaten their bond.


Murder at Honeychurch Hall author Hannah Dennison

Murder at Honeychurch Hall is so much fun! Hannah Dennison is a master of mystery, with a lively, witty voice and an amazing knack for quick-paced plots that keep you on the edge of your seat while somehow wrapping you up in the comforting atmosphere of a classic English country manor mystery. Murder at Honeychurch Hall is the start of a series, so there’s much more fun in store! With glowing reveiws from critics and a loyal following thanks to her Vicky Hill mystery series, this is an author no mystery fan should miss. Check out Murder at Honeychurch Hall and read more about Hannah Dennison on her website!

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