Nail the Summer-to-Fall Transition with This Easy DIY Mani

How to use soft pastels to create a warm look. Combining our love of Smith & Cult with a periwinkle essie shade, a bright gold stud, and silver glitter, this look comes together to make the ring finger pop.

What You Need


1. Apply your base coat.

2. Polish all nails except your ring finger with “Cocktail Bling”.

3. Polish ring finger with “Doe My Dear”

4. Once “Doe My Dear” dries dab “Bitter Buddhist” all over your ring finger. This does not need to be neat. Think of this as a messy dot design.

5. Apply your silver glitter “Teen Cage Riot” over the ring finger. Dab the glitter the same way you did the “Bitter Buddhist”.

6. Take clear polish and dab the back of the nail stud. Take the tweezer and place in the angle of a diamond.

7. Apply a generous amount of top coat over the nail stud. Apply top coat to all nails.

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