When world-renowned chef Maria Loi chooses ingredients and creates recipes, she considers the ancient grains and flavors that continue to flourish millenniums later.  These ingredients are the pillars of a healthy, tasty Mediterranean diet: olive oil, Greek yogurt, grains, beans and freshly picked greens.  Loi’s cookbook “The Greek Diet” is filled with 100 mouthwatering recipes based on science that works. With this book Loi aims to teach people how to lose weight while boosting their health.

Here are three healthy Mediterranean meals, each one simple enough for busy, on-the-go people.

In this day and age, we all have so many things to do, it’s nearly impossible to sit still and rest. Often, we pick and choose where we outsource some of our responsibilities – we send out laundry to be done by the cleaners, we hire people to clean our houses, and we let complete strangers feed us by ordering in and dining out. Of all the responsibilities we outsource, the one we should not is our food! Eating healthy food is the key to keeping your energy level up, your waistline trim, and your body in homeostasis; but so few of us actually eat healthy. I’m here to tell you that it’s very easy to shop, cook and prepare healthful, nutritious meals to nourish your body and soul! Try these three meal ideas and taste the difference these small changes will make in your life!

1. Chef Loi’s Homemade Greek yogurt

3 Healthy Mediterranean Recipes for People on the Go Yogurt with Honey Maria Loi

Greek Yogurt – Of all the items in my proverbial pantry, Greek yogurt is the biggest staple. Dress it with honey and nuts, add vegetables and olive oil, or enjoy it plain! No matter how you consume it, Greek yogurt is packed full of protein, probiotics, and calcium – all of which help regulate your system, and keep hunger at bay. It is important to note that I do not believe in fat-free yogurt! 2% or full-fat Greek yogurt is the only way this works, because in order to fight fat, you need fat – but the good fat!

2. Horiatiki, the Traditional Greek SaladHealthy Mediterranean Recipes for People on the Go Horiatiki maria loi greek recipe

Greek Salad – The most famous of all salads, the traditional Greek salad is one of the easiest dishes to prepare, and most satisfying to eat! Composed of humble ingredients, a ripe tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onions, and olives, seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano, this salad travels and sits well. It can even be made the night before, especially if you keep the dressing on the side until eating. Add some feta, substitute some of the vegetables, tailor it to your tastes – but make your salad yourself! You don’t know what kind of additives they use in the ingredients at your favorite salad bar.

3. Lentil Salad with Oranges

Healthy Mediterranean Recipes Lentil Salad with Oranges small

Anything Beans – Beans are one of the easiest sources of protein to source and eat! I enjoy using dried beans, but if you’re too busy to soak and cook them, using beans from the can is a great way to incorporate them into your diet (just make sure to rinse them first!) – add them to a salad, or add your favorite ingredients to them to create a quick, simple, healthy meal to eat on the go! My favorite bean recipe is a lentil soup, made with carrots, onions, olive oil, and seasoning – eat it hot or cold, this soup will change your life!

For more information, meal ideas, recipes, and information, please check out my book, The Greek Diet  – tasty, healthy, and easy is my motto, and it really works!

Healthy-Mediterranean -Recipes-Maria-Loi-

To pick up The Greek Diet head to your local bookstore or login to Amazon. For more amazing meals and recipes be sure to check out our Food & Drink section. 

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