Piloxing with Michelle is one of the most challenging and fun classes I’ve ever taken. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Michelle Tiflinsky always had a flair for fitness, but it wasn’t something she ever considered taking up professionally. Then she discovered Piloxing, a workout that incorporates boxing, pilates, dance, and cardio. Invented by Viveca Jenson (Pictured above) in 2009, Michelle took her first Piloxing class in South Brooklyn about one year later.

‘When I heard about the class I thought it sounded cool, tried it, and fell in love. I was never a fitness instructor, just an ordinary person coming in and taking classes and going to the gym.” When she and her husband moved to Williamsburg a few years later she still found herself driving all the way back to South Brooklyn to take her favorite class because it wasn’t offered anywhere else. “At a certain point my husband said ‘You’re spending so much time traveling back and forth. Is it worth it?’ so I started to do some research and I found out I could get certified as an instructor that weekend.”

Michelle has been teaching Piloxing since Janaury 2015. By day, she is an occupational therapist, working with children and adults with various disabilities and developmental needs. By night she moonlights as a kickass Piloxing instructor. Sounds kind of like a superhero, no? Trust me, if you saw her toned, rockin’ body you’d be convinced. On top of that, she clearly has a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Now that’s a heartwarming Marvel movie.

So why did Michelle decide to start teaching Piloxing and bring it to the masses? “Piloxing changed my life and since it was only offered in one spot, I felt like everyone in Williamsburg and Manhattan were missing out.” And she’s right, anyone who hasn’t experience this class is missing out. That being said, when our Junior Editor Leah signed us up for Piloxing and told me it was in Williamsburg I did a mini eye roll. It sounded so Brooklyn. I may have even said it sounded like “Brooklyn nonsense”. Which is a judgment I should never be allowed to pass because I live in Williamsburg and I may or may not be a hipster.

Well, reader – I officially eat crow and admit that I was very wrong. Piloxing is awesome and I totally understand why Michelle felt so passionately about teaching others about it. As with every new workout class I dive into without really knowing what to expect, I was pretty nervous about Piloxing. I was comforted immediately the moment I walked into the room as I was warmly greeted by Michelle. She asked me my name, inquired about whether I was a newbie and laid down some very helpful info about what we’d be doing. As my classmates starting piling in it was clear Michelle had made real relationships with these women. She knew the regulars by name and as we waited for class to start she sat at the front of the room and chatted with all of us together making everyone feel welcome. Not to fan girl too much, but Michelle is one of those bubbly people you immediately want to be friends with.

From beginning to end, Piloxing With Michelle was a very fluid class. Everything from the boxing, Pilates, and dance flowed seamlessly as we worked on our core, glutes, and cardio. One of my favorite things about the class was that we never did the same thing twice. Repetition is not for me when it comes to working out, so constantly switching it up during the workout kept things fun even when I was sure my body was about to give out. “In Piloxing you’re challenged and then it’s over,” Michelle explained. “We’re always moving onto something else so nothing gets boring.” Trust me — this class never gets boring and by the end everyone was out of breath and dripping sweat, even Michelle. “I’ve been doing this for six years and I still get soaked with sweat. It doesn’t get easier, you just improve your form — which makes it even more challenging.” To keep clients on their toes even more, Michelle hand picks each song in her playlist and switches it up every month with new choreography.

Lately I’ve been taking a lot of workout classes and sometimes I notice that the class’s difficulty level doesn’t align with the instructor’s ripped muscles or super toned body. Clearly, they’re doing other things on the side. As I walked my tired glutes home after class, reflecting on how hard I worked, I realized that Michelle’s sculpted and toned physique is 100% obtainable through Piloxing alone. I know that if I pushed myself to take her class regularly, I wouldn’t just shed some pounds, but my body would super fit. “It changed my body,” Michelle confirmed. “I was always thin and never overweight but I was thicker, bottom heavy. I never really had toned arms, I had to work for it. When you wear the 1/2 pound Piloxing gloves and take the class two or three days week — it can transform your body completely. You get a dancers body. My legs slimmed out, my arms, my core — It changes you,” she explained. “The girls who come to class send me pictures of their butts in their Saturday night outfits!”

I knew her students loved her! How could they not?

A few additional things you should know about Piloxing with Michelle:

The class can be done barefoot, and according to Michelle that’s the best way to do it because it allows you to use the sensory receptors on your feet to gain balance. The 1/2 pound Piloxing gloves are optional and can be purchased from Michelle for $25. Another important note, Piloxing can be done by anyone of any age. Even if you have an injury, the exercises can be modified to fit your needs.

Piloxing with Michelle costs $30 per class or you can buy a ten pack for $275. You can also try it out on ClassPass! If you’re into the idea of Piloxing and you also love a good barre class, Michelle also teaches Piloxing Barre on Mondays at 7:30, which I personally can’t wait to try out!

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Images: Piloxing Academy


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