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After trying out RPZL’s clip-in extensions, I was hooked on having long hair. I hated having to take out my clip-ins at the end of each night, so I decided I needed to take it to the next level and try RPZL’s high-tech extensions which are attached to hair using sound activation.

Last time I wrote about RPZL I outed myself as a former Paris Hilton fan. Yep, I loved her long, gorgeous blond locks so much that I saved for months to be able to afford hair extensions. That was eight years ago and I’ve missed having extensions ever since. From the moment I discovered RPZL, I knew it would only be a matter of time until I had extensions again. Not only were theirs much more affordable than my previous extensions, at just $880 for a full set, but they bond them without the use of heat so I wouldn’t have to worry about them damaging my real hair.

When I showed up to my appointment with Tiffany I was basically giddy. There’s not even a GIF that accurately displays how happy I was to give my fine, limp hair an 180-degree makeover. As I hunkered down in Tiffany’s chair and waited for my transformation to begin I texted our Junior Editor Leah a slough of GIFs to express my joy. Turns out, she was just as excited for me. Real friendship: when someone cares about your #HairGoals just as much as you do.
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To get started, Tiffany brought out a sample of all the different hair colors they have to offer and trust me — there’s one for everyone. It turns out my hair was an exact match with one of their darker, brunette colors. To give my hair more tone and depth, Tiffany suggested blending in a slightly lighter color. Yes, please! Before she could start making my hair goal dreams come true, I was given a very thorough shampoo to make sure there wasn’t any residue that could get in the way of the Keratin bonds. From there I got a quick blowout, blew a kiss goodbye to my drab, boring locks, and we were off to the races.

At RPZL they use a high-tech process for their hair extensions called NextGen. This method reduces application time by using sound activation, Keratin attachments, and no damaging heat. Eight years ago when I got extensions it took about eight hours, at RPZL it only took a little over three. One of the best parts about the way RPZL applies extension is that it is damage-free, weightless, and comfortable. I can’t stress enough how badly extensions can harm your hair if you don’t go to a highly trained professional and get the best service possible. After I had my previous extensions taken out all those years ago my hair was wrecked for one year. I was relieved that I would have to worry about that headache in three months once it was time for these to go.


When Tiffany brought out the extensions I immediately noticed how different they were from my old ones. These were made of 100% Virgin Remy hair and their Keratin bonds were much smaller, lighter, and flatter. This meant they’d be virtually invisible and much more comfortable throughout the three months they’d be taking up real estate in my hair.

As Tiffany went to work meticulously bonding each extension to tiny sections of my hair, all I had to do was sit back and relax. The is totally comfortable and completely painless. There was no pulling, tugging, or worry that I might walk away with a burn on my ear or the back of my neck because RPZL Next takes heat completely out of the equation.

What made my experience even better was the fact that everyone who works at RPZL is a gem. Throughout the entire service, I was continually offered refreshments, and since I had been going to RPZL once a week for Gorgeous Girl Blowouts for about two months, I chatted with various stylists who came over to say hello and remembered me by name. Basically, I felt more famous than Paris Hilton, which admittedly — her star has fallen, but it still felt great.

About three hours after I arrived at the salon, Leah came to meet me so she could be present to check out the big reveal. As mentioned above, she was just as giddy as I was to see the final results. Once all my extensions were firmly in place and blended beautifully, Tiffany curled my hair to perfection and it was finally time for her to spin me around and show me the va-va-voom that was now my hair.

When that chair spun around and I could now see my glorious new look I knew I would henceforth be a ride or die RPZL Next Gorgeous Girl. Tiffany’s magical talent and RPZL’s amazing extensions hit it out of the park. I looked like a completely transformed person, and I was grinning from ear to ear.

To learn more about the new love of my life, RPZL Next, I reached out to co-founders of the company, Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards. Check out what they have to say about RPZL’s high-tech services and tips for extension hair care.

What is Virgin Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is the best quality human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them results in a natural appearance and reduced tangling. All RPZL hair extensions use 100% virgin Remy hair. We would never use anything else!

How is Remy hair different than other extensions on the market?

There is a variety of non-Remy hair extensions, but RPZL does not recommend using them if you seek to achieve a seamless natural look. In addition, there are a variety of application methods that can result in damage so it’s very important to find a stylist with experience, training and knowledge of a variety of extension methods so they can best assess your hair needs. RPZL hair extensions never use heat during application and RPZL recommends using a natural hair product line to fortify the strength of both the client’s hair and extensions.

How are RPZL extensions much more affordable than other extensions offered elsewhere?

RPZL has three types of hair extensions: Gorgeous In an Instant (clip ins), RPZL 2.0 (tape extensions) and RPZL Next (ultrasound keratin extensions). RPZL hair extensions use 100% virgin Remy hair. At RPZL’s House of Hair, we have a huge array of colors which allows us to mix and match to find the ideal look for each client! In addition, at RPZL.com you can upload a selfie to have a Headmaster match your color for online purchases of our Gorgeous In An Instant and clip in ponytails! RPZL is able to maintain the highest quality of hair extensions while offering an affordable luxury price because we are not reselling. We have developed our own proprietary line of hair extensions.

Can you explain how RPZL Next extensions are bonded to hair? Is this new technology?

RPZL Next hair extensions are truly revolutionary. They are applied by ultrasound! This means that no damaging heat is used during application. The keratin bonds are lighter, tighter and more discrete than any other hair extension on the market. Sound waves are used to transform a small keratin tip from a solid to a liquid to a solid in a second flat! Voile, a full set of extensions can be done is a remarkably quick time.

Why is ultrasound technology so much better for hair?

RPZL believes in the integrity of each client’s hair. At every turn, RPZL strives to provide the best options for each client, and therefore, we do not use damaging heat in any of our extension applications.

Is there anything people should know before getting extensions?

Yes! Hair extensions transform your confidence immediately. You walk taller, negotiate tougher and look gorgeous! (Editor’s note: Can confirm!)

So far I have been loving my extensions! Is there anything I can do to ensure they stay happy and healthy for the duration of time I have them in?

Yes, we recommend that you brush your hair often and only use a natural product line that does not contain parabens, sulfate or silicone. Additionally, using a weekly mask on hair extensions will keep them healthy and hydrated.

Are you ready to take your hair to the Next level? Head to RPZL to learn more.






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