The Daily’s Book Club is thrilled to present our June Author of the Month: New York Times bestselling author Rainbow Rowell! Get ready to have fun with Rainbow as we celebrate the paperback release of her latest hit novel, Landline. 

“Rainbow Rowell is talented enough to be uncategorizable,” The New York Times recently declared. The offbeat author’s knack for the unusual shines in Landline, a funny, moving novel about a woman who stumbles into a bit of magic just as her marriage is teetering on the brink. The quirky twist is a telephone that lets her hold conversations with a past version of her husband, giving her a chance to fix her marriage before it started — or stop it from happening altogether.

Weird, right? And in the best way! As the Times puts it, “The magic phone becomes Ms. Rowell’s way to rewrite It’s a Wonderful Life…what the film accomplished with an angel named Clarence, Ms. Rowell accomplishes with a quaint old means of communication, and for her narrative purposes, it really does the trick.”

Landline marks Rainbow Rowell’s return to adult fiction after penning two New York Times bestselling young adult novels, Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. Since releasing her debut novel Attachments in 2011, critics have showered praise on Rainbow and her outside-the-box stories. “Reading her work feels like listening to your hilariously insightful best friend tell her best stories,” writes the Library Journal, while Kirkus Reviews calls her characters “instantly lovable.”


The new paperback edition of Landline comes out with a chic new cover this July.

Rainbow Rowell has been steadily growing her following with warm, clever tales about misfits and nerds, or people who consider themselves such. The insight and humor in her books make them enjoyable for adults and teens alike. With her charming, relatable characters and occasional hints of fantasy and science fiction, this is an author who knows how to keep readers on their toes and entertained. We jumped at the chance to feature Rainbow as our June Author of the Month — and we’ll admit, those ridiculously pretty covers didn’t hurt!

Landline first hit the shelves as a hardcover in July 2014. Next month brings the paperback edition of Landline, featuring a bold new cover fans won’t be able to resist. We’ll be reviewing Landline here on the blog as our Book of the Month this week, so get reading and stay tuned!

Join Spa Week’s Book Club! Last week we reviewed Captive by Brighton Walsh. This week we’ll review Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

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