When I first heard the word’s “peel bar,” admittedly I was nervous. In my mind, I was picturing the strong chemical peels that dermatologists administer, resulting in your entire face literally peeling off five to seven days later. I know that here’s nothing like a good lunchtime treatment, but this seemed kind of aggressive. Despite my apprehension, I signed up for an appointment.

When I arrived, I was told that this quick treatment was much different than what I expected. There would be no peeling, redness, or irritation. This peel would only leave behind gorgeous glowing healthy skin. Although the peel itself is 30% glycolic acid, it is still gentle enough for a bride on her wedding day. Sounds amazing right? However,  I was still skeptical. I hunkered down in my chair and relaxed during the 15-minute procedure.


Immediately after the peel was wiped off, my skin was slightly red, but this subsided within about ten minutes. Immediately my face felt much softer and happier, but a few hours later I realized the real magic. That evening as I was slapping on some CC cream I noticed a serious difference. It went on so much easier than before and blended beautifully. I felt like I was glowing, and it hasn’t stopped since the peel. Each day  I am amazed at how radiant my skin looks with or without makeup.

When I inquired about maintaining my awesome new skin, my esthetician immediately recommended BeautyRx’s Progressive Peel. Trying new things on my face is always nerve-wracking for me. I have very delicate skin, so any wrong product can easily result in breakouts, redness, or other irritation. But, since this daily treatment came so highly recommended, I knew I had to try it. The kit contains six weeks worth of products, starting with a serum, then adding in pads, and lastly a cream. A little arsenal in a box, if you will.



After trying the progressive peel out, my skin has honestly never been softer, clearer or smoother. I have struggled with acne and acne scarring for years, I was pretty much prepared to simply accept my fate of bumps and dark marks. I never expected to find a regimen that actually, truly worked. Now, I will never turn back from this wonderful kit. I have been getting many compliments on the appearance of my skin, which is not normal for me. This is truly my holy grail of skincare.

Want to try The Progressive Peel for yourself? Pick it up here.

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