My favorite activewear line, Crane & Lion, recently released their chic and sophisticated fall line. Here are my favorite pieces from the new collection.

Before becoming a writer and a beauty editor, it had always been my dream to work in fashion. In college, I even majored in Apparel Merchandising because I was sure that’s what I wanted to do with my life. When I graduated from school I moved to NYC and started interning in the fashion world, then over time, my goals shifted when I discovered my love of writing and the fact that I could get paid to write about things like fashion, beauty, and celebrities.

Today, I am a full-blown beauty and skincare junkie, but I still wholeheartedly love and appreciate fashion. After discovering activewear brand, Crane & Lion when they debuted their first line last spring, I was hooked on their fashionable, high-quality designs. It was obvious to me this was a brand that cared about the style needs of their customers and had the foresight to see that the athleisure look was about to explode onto the scene.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out some new pieces from their most recent collection. With every piece I put on, I became more and impressed because Crane & Lion’s attention to detail throughout is beyond impressive. That’s why they remain number one on my list of activewear brands I just can’t get enough of. Here are my favorite pieces from Crane & Lion’s Fall/Winter 2015 line.

1. Keyhole Sports Bra, Riviera


Let’s start with what I consider to be the most important part of any women’s workout attire: the sports bra. This Keyhole Sports Bra offers up support while looking stylish with a cut out back.

This season, Crane & Lion managed to merge both their spring and fall lines using tiny details so you can wear pieces from both and still look in season. The Keyhole Sports Bra in Riviera has pebble print along the bottom band. The design of this print incorporates the beautiful seafoam green from Crane & Lion’s previous line, the fall line’s new Slate green, and black to pull it all together.

These subtle details make it easy to mix and match this lovely bright, blue bra with your favorite items from last season and allows you to pair it with any black workout wear you have in your closet. Although I’m not usually one to workout sans a t-shirt or a tank, this bra is pretty enough that I’ve ditched my top the last few times at my favorite workout classes. Because really, who wouldn’t want to show this off?

2. Racerback Tank, Dark Slate with Black


This comfy, Racerback Tank has been updated from their previous line to provide a slightly looser fit in the torso and hips. Made of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, this top hugs up top and flairs out a bit at towards the bottom, creating a slimming effect and smoothing any unwanted lines.

I still rock my Racerback Tank from Crane & Lion’s Spring collection and even though I’ve worn it countless times, it has held up without pilling or fading. After seeing how well my previous tank performed after tons of workouts, washes, and continuous wear, I couldn’t wait to get another one in my arsenal.

The brand’s new tank in Dark Slate is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe. Not only is the color flattering for all skin tones, but it will also make your eyes pop whether they’re hazel, blue, green or gray. This tank is so sleek you can pair it with a pair of jeans, a light jacket, and some cute fall booties and no one would be the wiser that you’re wearing activewear.

3. Long Sleeve Tee, Zinfandel


It may still be too hot to rock this Long Sleeve Tee in Zinfandel, but I know I’ll be living in it once temperatures start to drop. This comfortable, close fitting top is made of 57% Cotton, 38% Modal, 5% Spandex making it soft, stretchy, and breathable with the ability to wick away moisture. The shirt’s stylish ruching in the back gives your butt an instant lift by gliding the eye up to make your hips, waist, and back all look smaller. Similarly, on the front, two subtle lines run from the waist to the hip, drawing the eye down for an added slimming effect.

This tee is complete with cozy thumbholes (one of my favorite details in a workout top) and black color blocking on the sleeves and neckline, making it chic and fashionable enough for everyday wear.

4. Jogger Pant, Dark Slate


The best thing about this Jogger Pant is that it has the look and style of a pair of pants you may have stolen from you boyfriend, but they were designed for a woman’s body so they provide a perfect, relaxed fit. From the moment I slipped these joggers on, I didn’t want to take them off, but I also didn’t want to waste them lounging around watching Netflix. These versatile bad boys were designed to be seen.

Made of French cotton terry, these pants are sturdy yet comfortable. Even though they have a loose fit, they’re still slimming and you’ll never feel like you’re swimming in them. Whether you’re wearing them as a fashion piece or to a fitness class, no one can deny how stylish they are. I can’t wait to wear my pair in Dark Slate with a black crop top and a pair of wedge sneakers for the ultimate athleisure look when I’m on the go.

6. Capri Tight, Black


Crane and Lion’s signature Capri Tight is back again this season in Black, Riviera, and Slate. Known for their unique mesh detailing at the calf and slimming back-side seams and side piping, I was excited to get a pair in Black because I’m a New Yorker and black is pretty much the lifeblood my wardrobe. Trust me, I had a hard time making a final decision because the other colors are so beautiful and perfect for fall.

One of the details I love most about this pant is that its little pocket (perfect for carrying a key, or gym card) is lined with the same pebble print as the Keyhole Sports Bra in Riviera. Sure, no one else knows it’s there, but it’s the small, thoughtful details like this that sets Crane & Lion apart from other athletic brands.

Head over to Crane & Lion to check out the entirety of their chic, sophisticated Fall/Winter 2015 line.

To learn more about Crane & Lion check out our interview with the brand’s founder here.





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