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Jess Bates – “Vanilla”

Congratulations Jess! We can’t wait for you to discover even more awesome scents in the next six months.


Labor Day has passed, sweater weather is right around the corner so now after a summer full of fun florals and sweet scents, it’s time to transition into autumn aromas. That’s right. Bust out those delicious warm musky fragrances. However, our perfume closets seem to be a little out-of-date. It’s time to upgrade in a major way. To find out which trends we need to follow this fall, we chatted with, Rachel ten Brink, the Co-Founder and CEO of Scentbird, an awesome perfume subscription service.


If you’re anything like us, you’ve purchased a gigantic bottle of expensive fragrance that you just had to have in the store, took it home and realized it isn’t quite for you two weeks later. Just like that you kiss $100 goodbye, and add it to your packed perfume shelf.

That’s why when we discovered Scentbird we were ecstatic. Each month you get a preciously portable bottle of perfume shipped to your door. But, do you have to select from gross reject scents from unknown brands? Nope! Pick from the hottest designer perfumes and you get a spritzer that lasts a whopping 30-days, and costs half the price of a rollerball.

Without further ado, check out our conversation with Scentbird’s Rachel ten Brink.

What’s the biggest scent trend for Fall 2015? Which specific fragrances do you recommend for this fall?

This Fall we’re continuing to see a trend towards deeper, richer scents and woody notes.  Oud has become so popular, it’s moving well beyond the niche brands into more mainstream fragrances, particularly for men.  We’re also seeing a lot more “intense” and “noir” scents. Some fragrances that I would recommend for the season are:


Black Opium by YSL

A completely re-invented Opium flanker, Black Opium, is the new feminine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. Think Glam Rock Princess.  It’s an addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee for a kick of energy, white florals to instantly seduce, and vanilla for sweetness and sensuality.


Clean White Woods

This reminds me of taking a walk in the woods in the early fall when the leaves are still green but the light is bright and the air begins to cool.  CLEAN White Woods is a warm, luxurious scent that embodies the pure essence of natural light. The fragrance weaves a cozy, comforting blanket with hints of crisp bergamot leaves, sparkling mandarin, creamy vanilla orchid, sandalwood, praline musks, and a dash of black pepper.


Montale Intense Cafe

As the weather starts to feel brisk, there may be no smell more comforting and compelling than the bitter, deep, mouthwatering fragrance of the coffee bean. Montale’s Intense Cafe opens with a perfect waft of fresh brewing coffee that will take your breath away. The flourish of coffee bean is paired with a fresh, vegetal rose. The two combine for an unexpectedly dry and refreshing top note.

How can you still wear your favorite summer scents during the fall?

Fresh, citrus based fragrances are ideal for summer but the cooler weather in the autumn months can make these bright notes feel a little too lightweight. It’s is a great time to experiment with layering bolder scents that contain richer notes underneath the lighter scents.

What are some tips for layering multiple scents?

  • Keep it light: Single note fragrances or lighter fragrances are easier to layer.  However, especially heady fragrances–think Chanel No. 5, Shalimar, and Opium–or evening/noir fragrances–Versace Noir and Tom Ford Black Orchid–are usually too much if combined and may end up giving you a headache.  Also, take it easier on the number of sprays.  Your total number of spritzes should be about the same as you’d spray of just one scent.
  • Layer in different places: You don’t have to apply the perfume in the same spot to create a layered effect.  Play with applying different scents in different areas of your body. For example, spraying on your pulse points will create a more concentrated effect, while if you spray on your hair it will act like a diffuser giving you a more diaphanous impression.


Why do some scents smell differently on different people?

There are several reasons for this.  First, humans tend to have a natural scent to our skin that mixes with the fragrance. There have also been studies that your diet may impact how a scent smells on you.

Additionally, your skin type and pH levels affect how the scent projects.  Very dry skin will absorb the oils in the fragrance very quickly while oilier skin allows the scent to sit on top of the skin longer.

What are some recommendations for applying perfume to allow the scent to linger as long as possible?

Moisturize! As mentioned above, dry skin “drinks up” the perfume oils in a fragrance. Make sure to moisturize after a shower.  You can even apply a dab of Vaseline in your pulse points before applying fragrance so it extends even further.

We know what you’re thinking. Oh my gosh, I need this in my life! Trust us, we’ve been there and now there’s now a Scentbird spritzer in our purses at all times. Heading to work? Check. Switching over to a clutch for a night out? Scentbird is coming too. Obviously, we want to treat one of you to our favorite services too. That’s why we are giving away a six-month subscription to Scentbird* to one lucky reader. *Promotion available to US residents only.


To enter, simply sound off in the comments below and tell us your favorite smell. Good luck! And, now that you’ve been bitten by the scent bug, make sure to check out Bella Maiya Day Spa‘s $50 aromatherapy treatment this October 12-18.

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191 Responses

  1. Ami B

    I love light clean scents…anything from Philosophy and my ultimate fave is Ralph Lauren Blue

  2. Marie Holtzmann

    I’m a sucker for pretty much anything floral. I love rose and lavender scents – they instantly take me away.

  3. adrienne z

    I love the spicy scents and the baking scents; vanilla, cinnamon, musky etc. Not into citrus scents at all.

  4. Terenda Albritton

    I love the smell of bacon and coffee in the morning, but would rather smell fresh and clean as I go through my day!

  5. Liezel

    My favorite is mouthwatering fragrance of the coffee bean. Montale’s Intense Cafe opens with a perfect waft of fresh brewing coffee that will take your breath away

  6. Angela Poplar

    I am super loving the scent “For Her” by Nisco Rodrigues. Its very floral and elegant!

  7. Mary Songer

    My current favorite it Versace Eros. My signature scent for years has been Cabochard by Gres. I love perfume and wear it every day.

  8. kim binell

    My favorite scents are fruity in nature – they always smell so clean, like a summer day

  9. celine girard

    I love all perfumes , but my evening favorite one that i always go back too,is Rush by Gucci , but there is so many good different scent, one for every day, and nights !

  10. Deborah

    I love sandalwood in evening scents but really I am mood oriented and eclectic in my choices. I can take days to settle on a new perfume and there are so many new and classic fragrances to experience today. That decadence really piqued my senses ,Black Opium by YSL is very interesting. Love Chanel Michael Kors gold perfumes and darling Daisy.

  11. Kaila Turck

    Anything fall. It’s my favorite season. Pumpkins, spiced apples, burning leaves. I love it all !!

  12. Janelle

    I love COCO MADEMOISELLE! I typically like to use a softer floral like scent and I really really love lavender and would love to try a lavender scented perfume!

  13. Erin Dear

    My favorite scent is Escada Into The Blue, wishing I could find a replacement since it was a limited edition.

  14. Karissa Singleton

    My favorite scent is probably fresh cut grass or clean laundry.
    My favorite scent to wear is something floral but with sweet not musk. 🙂 I have a favorite Michael Kors perfume that I wear for special occasions.

  15. Rachel Beltz

    My favorite smell is anything vanilla!!
    Honestly though after reading about coffee notes in perfumes.. I’m really curious to branch out and try new scents!

  16. Mary Hoffman

    Aloha Friend: I live in Hawaii & I have found that The Light Musk Fragrances last longer. Vanilla Musk, for daytime…Emeraude for evening. I also like Shalimar so very much still.

  17. McKenna Long

    I LOOOOOVE warm smells..one of my favorites is Bvlgari Jasmine Noir, and I also love the original Michael Kors!

  18. John H.

    My wife like Lauren by Ralph Lauren. I think she would like the Clean White Wood fragrance scent from above.

  19. jade

    new favorite is ck reveal its modern yet.chic and yes its mens but i love wearing it when my bf has to deal with family issues and hes gone for hours legitimately and i sprinkle some on a shirt cover my pillow n zZZz

  20. Mary DeLong

    I fell in love with a watermelon scent this past summer! It was wonderful! I recently picked up some pumpkin spice for fall! Not sure on a good winter scent, but thinking something with sandalwood!

  21. Stephanie V.

    I love jasmine in general, Michael by Michael Kors, Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady, and the other 40 bottles on the shelf. It’s a mood, time of day, type of satisfaction!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  22. JenniferM

    I love subtle scents. Not overpowering. I really like philosophy’s Amazing Grace.

  23. Candace Galan-Calderon

    My favorite smell is probably sandalwood, although I like many different kinds of scents.

  24. Jessica

    My favorite smell is that of the ocean. That salty, sort of fishy, but yet fresh smell. As far as perfumes go, I like subtle scents that people have to be really near me to smell.

  25. Theresa Molsky

    Amazing Grace is my signature scent but I would love to find something to new to shake things up a bit!

  26. suzannah dorr

    I actually love the smell of peonies 🙂 I always had them outside my house growing up and the fragrance has always been my favorite 🙂

  27. Barbara Mayes

    that is a tough choice because I love so many. patchouli is a favorite of mine, lilac, jasmine, honeysuckle, musk.

  28. Ana Aquino

    My favorite smell is fruity floral that sparkles inside and out. Notes of red currants dazzle with splash of champagne, opening with energy and excitement!

  29. Bree Peterson

    My favorites usually have a base of vanilla and/or sandalwood. LaVanila Vanilla Lavender is my current go to.

  30. Rachelle

    I was forwarded to your page from Spa Week’s IG. I love this subscription idea! Definitely going to keep it in mind for the holidays.

  31. Sarah Jarrett

    I love the smell of my mum’s signature scent. L’air du temps. When I’m off living abroad one little spritz in the shop and I feel like I’m home!

  32. patty

    I love light floral scents…..makes me feel very feminine and girly without being overpowering..

  33. Deborah Anderson

    My favorite scent is Fendi. Guess I’m going to have to find a new favorite scent now. Maybe Scentbird can replicate Fendi for me?

  34. Randi Leeman

    This seems like a great concept…great to learn about I didn’t know about this

  35. Nina wikfors

    I’m new to perfume so I don’t know that many.. But my favorite far is Candy by Prada.

  36. Angela Teodorczy

    I love the smell of coffee and will be purchasing Montale Intense Cafe. I hope to win the six month subscription so I can smell delicious all winter long!


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