All Hail Lipstick Queen, Poppy King

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A chat with the woman behind Lipstick Queen, Poppy King.

Poppy King, the founder of Lipstick Queen, is one of those people who brightens your day with just the sound of their voice. She speaks with so much warmth and within a few minutes of chatting with her it was clear her passion for lipstick runs deep. At 18, King started her first beauty company in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia after her search for the perfect lipstick came up short.

“That was many many years ago, I’m 43 now,” she tells me with a laugh. In 2002, King moved to New York and started designing lipsticks for Estée Lauder. In 2006 she stepped out on her own and launched Lipstick Queen. Her inspiration? “I didn’t like the lipsticks on the market they were too shimmery and glossy. I wanted something matte.” It all came back to the same quest for the perfect lipstick. After taking matters into her own hands, King has succeeded in creating a line of perfect lipsticks and glosses. 

“Even if you don’t consider yourself a lipstick wearer, you can find a shade or texture in the line. I don’t do hundreds of colors, I do lots of finishes and textures,” she says. “The formulas are really comfortable, no heavy fragrances and no extra ingredients,” she explains. “We eliminate a few things and add shea butter. They are lipstick, but they act as a balm.”

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince

Frog Prince, $25

My favorite shade is a semi-sheer lipstick called Frog Prince. It comes in a lovely pink tube but when opened, the lipstick is revealed to be emerald green. Once applied to the lips, it transforms into a gorgeous rosy pink. “It has a special ingredient called Chameleon Pigment and it adapts to your pH and the natural coloring of your lips to bloom into a unique color formulated especially for you,” King tells me.

Lipstick Queen Seven Deadly Sin

Seven Deadly Sins, $24 each

The newest additions to Lipstick Queen’s line is the Seven Deadly Sins collection. Made up of seven glosses in vibrant jewel tones, a few of the names in the line include Anger, Avarice, Indolence, and Lust. King describes, “Each one is a different color to represent a sin. They’re rich, just as you’d expect a sinful color to be and the gloss has no stickiness whatsoever, it feels like a serum.”

After trying out the line, I can confirm that each gloss glides on smooth and feels silky without sacrificing depth of color. The line ranges from nude peach to deep purple, and of course, what would a line of lipsticks based on the seven deadly sins be without a devilish red? No matter what your Deadly Sin of choice, you won’t be disappointed by this high-performing, beautiful new line.

Head over to Lipstick Queen to see more of their amazing lip colors.



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