The air is getting crisp, so it’s time to go all in on darker colors and embrace fall. This week, try this Deborah Lippmann autumn manicure with a touch of OPI rainbow flair.

What You Need


1. Apply your base coat then wait 5 minutes for this to completely dry.

2. Cut a thin piece of scotch tape then apply this to the top of your ring finger leaving about 1/4 of the top nail exposed.

3. Polish in the bottom of your ring finger with “Respect”. Next polish the top part of your nail with “Miss Independent”. Slowly peel the tape away from your nail. You should now be left with a clean unpolished line.

4. Polish your pinky with “Miss Independent” and the remaining 3 nails with “Respect”.

5. Once your pinky is dry dab on the glitter! Add “Chasing Rainbows” for some extra sparkle.

6. Do wait about 30 minutes to apply top coat. You do not want to smudge the clean lines on your ring finger. I chose ORLY’s “Glosser” top coat for some extra shine. I was really impressed with how quick and efficiently this top coat dried!

autumn manicure

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