Piloxing Barre combines elements of pilates, boxing, and ballet into one fun, muscle-toning workout class. 

Boxing ballerinas. Can you think of anything more badass? Of course not so when I found out our favorite Piloxing instructor, Michelle Tiflinsky also taught Piloxing Barre I knew I had to give it a try. But what would a workout be without my fitness partner in crime, Leah Gay? So off we went to Michelle’s Monday night class in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to throw some jabs and do some pliés.

Leah and I have taken barre and boxing classes before so we were feeling pretty confident while we put on our grippy socks and waited for our fellow classmates to arrive. I mean, we have really been stepping up our workout game over the past couple of months so clearly we were going to float like butterflies and sting like bees with the grace and poise of a thousand ballerinas .

Within minutes it was obvious that this was a hilarious pipe dream. We could not have been more uncoordinated. It was as if we’d never been taught our left from our right or taken a fitness class before. We were all over the place. Ever the gem, Michelle was happy to help get us back in line with everyone, guide us through the moves, and correct our form.

Thanks to our patient instructor’s guidance we quickly started to pick up the various exercises and before we knew it we were two Sweaty Bettys. The 45 minute class consisted of two rounds of boxing and four blocks of ballet-inspired moves. This was followed by a section of arms before we finished out the session with ten minutes of ab floor work.

After the workout, we stuck around to talk to Michelle about the benefits of Piloxing Barre. “This class is about toning, lengthening and elongating muscles — all while keeping your core tight. We do a lot of lifting of the heel and you’re on your tippy toes a lot,” she explained. You’re really utilizing the barre in this class but you don’t need to have any kind of dance background. Since you’re on the barre a lot, the focus is on your posture and your alignment — you have to be nice and tall and upright.”

This class may not be intense as Piloxing but between focusing on your core and trying to perfect your form, you really feel the burn and walk away feeling great. You can also give your workout extra oomph by wearing 1/2 pound weighted Piloxing gloves if you really want to step it up a notch.

Piloxing Barre with Michelle costs $30 per class or you can buy a ten pack for $275. You can also try it out on ClassPass. This challenging class is low impact so people of all ages and pregnant women can take it.

Have fun — and don’t forget your grippy socks!

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Images: Piloxing Academy



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