I’ve never thought that I have bad eyelashes, and once I discovered Benefit Rollerlash, I was immediately happy with their appearance. But, when I discovered that Essential Therapy L & Y Spa is offering a full set (70 lashes per eye) of synthetic mink lashes for just $50 during October 12- 18, I had to book an appointment to see what it was all about.

As a first-time eyelash extension newbie, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I pictured myself sitting in some sort of dentist’s chair, similar to the chairs that the eyebrow threading ladies have in the middle of the mall. When I walked into Essential Therapy L & Y Spa I knew this would not be the case. After checking in, I removed my shoes and descended down a staircase to a plush-floored waiting room. I was told eyelash clients didn’t often take robes, but as someone who celebrates relaxation and comfort, when I was offered one, I clearly put it on immediately (pro tip: all clients get access to the sauna, steam showers, and jacuzzi, so a robe is a necessity). After locking away my belongings in the locker room, I headed to my treatment room. I crawled under the covers on a wonderful massage bed and settled in for an hour of pampering.


Unsure if there would be any pain, aggressive tugging, or burning glue, I closed my eyes ready for whatever was about to hit me. I had heard that sometimes people fall asleep while getting their extensions, but I was skeptical. Although, to my dismay I have fallen asleep during massages, I couldn’t imagine being that relaxed while someone was literally gluing things to my eyes. Boy was I wrong. I dozed off to sleep within ten minutes of getting started and only woke up towards the tail end of the treatment. It was a win-win, I got a nice nap and woke up looking totally fierce.

I never thought I would be a “no makeup” girl until after seeing myself after the treatment. I was no longer staring at a makeup free face itching to grab some eyeliner and swipe on mascara. I looked great. After getting the extensions, my morning routine has been cut down severely, and I feel better than ever before. The cherry on top of this amazing look? Heading to a pool in Las Vegas completely makeup free and feeling fabulous. No raccoon eyes but all of the stylish flair of a totally made up look? You can sign me up before every vacation for the rest of my life.

beginner's Guide to Eyelash Extensions

Not wearing a drop of mascara and still looking #flawless

There are some things to consider when getting eyelash extensions. Rubbing your eyes is a total no-no, as is wearing mascara, which you totally won’t miss. You don’t want to do anything to pull your gorgeous new lashes off of your natural hairs, so be careful when washing your face and doing makeup. It is ideal to sleep on your back, or at least with your eyes off of the pillow. Burrowing into bed could result in waking up with a couple lashes on your pillowcases. Although there are some special precautions required, this treatment is definitely worth it, and at only $50 how could you pass up looking fabulous for fall?

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