Are you at risk of premature aging because of your phone? Here’s what you need to know about tech neck.

According to leading doctors and dermatologists, our inability to take our eyes off our phones and iPads is wreaking havoc on our delicate neck skin. It’s a problem they’ve eloquently dubbed, “Tech Neck”. That’s right, the constant need to text, Instagram, and e-mail could be causing your neck to prematurely age. Yikes! As someone who is constantly looking down at their phone, iPad, or laptop, I know how hard it is to put away the screens and detach from technology. If anything is going to motivate me to step away from devices that have practically become appendages at this point, you can bet it’s the fear of wrinkly, saggy neck skin. AKA my worst nightmare (next to forehead wrinkles and aging in general, really).

Horrified by the prospect of tech neck, I turned to Dr.Dennis Gross, a practicing dermatologist and board certified dermatological surgeon in NYC, to find out what can be done to prevent or reverse tech neck. Dr.Gross believes in the synergy between medical treatments, professional services, and retail products for at-home care. His skincare line aims to slow down and reverse the active aging process and one of his newest products was designed to target dreaded tech neck.

Tech Neck Dr.Dennis Gross Ferulic retinol neck emulsion

Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck Emulsion


Dr.Gross’ dreamy new Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck Emulsion is a collagen-enriched product that protects against future damage while repairing existing damage to the skin under the jaw and neckline. Formulated with lactic acid to renew the neck’s surface, this product also contains ferulic acid, a powerful plant-based antioxidant that enhances properties of other vitamins for healthy skin and offers sun damage protection. Combined with wrinkle-smoothing retinol, these ingredients work together to facilitate cell repair and restore the skin’s foundation while diminishing lines and improving texture. What sets this product apart from other neck repair solutions is its exclusive ECG Complex, a blend that includes ellagic acid, collagen, and gallic acid. This mix benefits the skin by reducing photoaging, plumping, firming, and decreasing the appearance of dark spots.

I’m 27 so it’s not like I have a wrinkly, saggy neck, but prevention is key to avoiding that fate in the future. People always think I throw the word “prevention” around as an excuse for getting Botox or trying the latest med spa craze, but prevention is everything. Becoming proactive about my neck now is going to save me a pretty penny on plastic surgery in the future. The good news is that it’s as easy as using Dr.Gross’ silky, quick-absorbing emulsion twice a day and being more aware of the damage I’m potentially doing every time I reach for my phone to send a GIF or check Snapchat.

For more on tech neck reversal and prevention check out the conversation I had with Dr.Dennis Gross.

1. When should people start prevention of tech neck?

I recommend starting a diligent anti-aging routine in your late 20’s – this new treatment prevents and corrects. It’s never too early to start revealing youthful radiance.

2. What can people do to prevent premature aging of the neck?

Apply sunscreen daily – the sun is our worst enemy when it comes to premature aging! Invest in a neck treatment that not only provides powerful anti-aging benefits, but a texture that you will love. If you don’t like how a product feels, you won’t use it every day.

3. If someone already has tech neck what can they do?

It’s never too early to tackle signs of aging! Start a topical treatment now, and be diligent about application. Also, be mindful of constantly looking at our palms! When you check your phone, keep at an arm’s length and lift in front of your face to view screen rather than always facing down.

4. Over the years have you seen an increase in people with neck concerns?

Absolutely. This was the inspiration for developing my new neck treatment. I have patients who come in and tell me the ages of their face and their neck don’t “match.” One looks older than the other which reveals their age. Neck neglect is a tell-all. People are educated and practice application of actives and anti-aging products on their face, but the neck is often overlooked.

5. How does your new neck treatment work?

I’ve been working on my new Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck Emulsion for a number of years — perfecting not only the powerful ingredient cocktail but also the texture. The final treatment is one I am very excited to share with my patients and customers. This amazing new treatment will not only protect your neck from future damage, but also repairs existing damage to the skin — targeting fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, sagging of skin — all signs that reveal your true age!

6. What are its main ingredients?

The elegant formula delivers lactic acid to renew the neck’s surface for a smoother texture, while ferulic acid and retinol, silk amino acids and ECG Complex facilitate cellular repair to restore skin’s foundation.

7. Why is it so effective?

The specially developed formulation in the Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck Emulsion offers a delivery system that penetrates actives right to the target site. The skin on our neck is unique — it’s actually 10x thinner than the skin on our face. There are fewer oil glands, which can lead to dryness, as well as a different pore count than skin on the face. The skin on the neck also requires a different delivery system and texture to prevent and correct the typical signs of aging such as creping, neck rings, sagging and wrinkles.

8. Can it be used in addition to other creams and ointments?

Yes, this product works seamlessly into any existing beauty routine and can be used day or night.

9. Is there anything you’d like to add?

As we age, collagen production decrease. As we mature, naturally occurring enzymes that erode collagen become stronger than the mechanisms in our skin that combat them. Like the thyroid gland slows down with aging, the fibroblast cells slow down collagen production. Ingredients such as Peptides, Vitamin C, Ferulic and Retinol wake up the fibroblast cell and boost that productivity.

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