International Yoga Teacher, Dashama is an innovator in the field of yoga, health and fitness.  Author of Journey to Joyful, CEO of Pranashama Yoga Institute and Perfect 10 Lifestyle, she leads 30 day yoga teacher transformation trainings and retreats internationally in Europe, Bali and other exotic locations. Creator of 30DYC, the yoga version of P90X, Dashama was one of the first yoga teachers on Youtube, where her videos have over 11 million views online. Here’s everything you need to know about her latest 30DYC challenge.

These days yoga seems to be everywhere. You can find people practicing yoga in schools, hospitals, corporate offices, exotic beaches and anywhere in between. From what it appears, we could reasonably presume that everyone on earth has at least tried yoga, but that is far from true. Statistically less than 10% of the world population has tried yoga, so that leaves over 6 billion people who have yet to experience the life transforming practice of yoga.

If you are a yoga practitioner, or yogi as we are often called, you may feel it is more than just a system of healing and health rejuvenation. It is more of a lifestyle that influences how you think, how you interact in your relationships, what you eat and even where you choose to live.

Yoga is so unique and powerful because when you practice, the benefits permeate beyond the physical fitness aspect deeper into the mental, emotional and spiritual realms of your existence. Yoga encourages you to be the best version of yourself and to transcend the boundaries of your self-imposed limiting beliefs.

Yoga can also help you to heal from pain in your body and to balance your emotional and mental states. The more you practice, and the deeper you get into the journey, you start to realize the ultimate truth that we are all interconnected and at the most subtle level, all humans are one big soul family.

This understanding may not come right away. It starts by just peeling away the layers of what you are not. You shed the false identity and ego little by little. Forgiveness and self love can begin to replace self loathing and negative emotions. Slowly you can see yourself with complete unconditional love and compassion toward all beings.

This is the ultimate realization and goal for yoga. But certainly we are all working on creating that perfect balance between the physical world we live in, the emotional and mental clarity as well as a feeling of harmony with the natural world. When we can attain this and maintain that feeling, we have achieved what the ancient yogis have often called Samadhi, Nirvana or Moksha. In english it translates to enlightenment.

So enlightenment is our aspiration on the path of yoga, but what is enlightenment? It is the feeling of love, happiness and peace in your heart. The best way to access it is to remember that all of life is already perfect, and the journey that is the destination as we embrace every moment, one breath at a time.

I developed a system back in 2008 called 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Back then, I filmed it in my living room, launched it on my YouTube channel and it went viral. Millions of people started practicing yoga with me over night. I was completely overwhelmed and didnt know how to keep up with the comments, questions, and requests.

Over the years I have learned how to manage the response, now we have a full team working with me to ensure each member has support and structure to achieve your goals and aspirations along this powerful and life-changing journey.

We have recently filmed a brand new 30DYC and are preparing to release it to the world. In the process, weve had great victories and some big setbacks as well. Right after we finished filming the videos this summer, all my websites were hacked. That was a very unexpected setback! So, after countless hours of hard work, we decided the best approach is to put this out on an indiegogo campaign to complete the project.

In this way, you have the opportunity to be a part of the creation process as a founding member of our new community. You can help us help more people and spread the yoga and healing love just by sharing our campaign with your friends and family.

Please take a moment and check this out right now. Id love your support and any feedback you have is also welcome.  Feel free to leave a comment on the campaign page and I will respond directly to you there.

Click HERE to learn more and join the 30DYC: Yoga for Everyone movement.

Thank you so much for taking this next step with us.

Blessings and Love,