Although I am only 23 years young, when I heard that GLAMSQUAD is the go-to on demand bridal beauty service, I just had to schedule a session. How often do you get to sit in your friend’s living room while drinking wine, having girl talk, petting an adorable dachshund all while geting pampered by extremely talented hair and makeup artists? Pretty much only on your wedding day. Earlier this summer, fall wedding invites had all but taken up every inch of my fridge so I wanted to learn the latest bridal and bridesmaids beauty trends of the season and I was happy to do it all from the comfort of Ani’s couch.

When our GLAMSQUAD gurus Taylor and Wedlyne came over we were immediately impressed by the easiness of this service. Although Ani lives in a typical tiny Brooklyn apartment*, which we panicked about all day thinking it may be too small to fit four people and a bunch of products. Our worries were completely lifted when the girls set up shop with hair and makeup equipment where ever they could find some space, not a complaint or problem in the world. I threw on a slinky white dress, we poured some wine, made sure Ani’s dachshund Lacey was calm and comfortable on the couch, and our GLAMSQUAD pros got to work.

glamsquad bridal

Pretty much the ideal makeup application scenario

Since I was playing the role of the “bride,” I also got to give my input on Ani’s bridesmaid look. We decided on a sleek chic look for me with a little more color and sass for Ani. Our makeup artist Taylor was amazing, making sure my look accentuated my natural beauty without overdoing it, which is perfect for a bride on her wedding day. Wedlyne, our hairstylist, was equally impressive, throwing together a gorgeous chignon style in my hair with ease. It looked so good I probably took 100 selfies just to send to my friends and family.

Ani’s look was a bit more adventurous while still playing into fall beauty trends. We decided on a berry lip with gorgeous loose curls and a side braid. She looked totally amazing and her eyebrows were seriously #onfleek. When we were finished we immediately threw her into a pretty black knee length dress to accompany her fierce look and she looked stunning. If this had been a real wedding all of the groomsmen would definitely be flirting with her.

Throughout the two-hour process, all four of us chatted about boys (probably not something an actual bride would do,) along with our favorite skincare brands, and celebrity gossip. Taylor and Wedlyne were so nice and easy to talk to, it didn’t feel like we had let two strangers into Ani’s apartment, but two friends. By the end, we were exchanging Instagram handles and e-mails before hugging goodbye. A testament to the awesome stylists who proved GLAMSQUAD knows a thing or two about assembling an amazing team.

Although summer nuptials seem to be all the rage, there’s nothing quite like crisp autumn air and changing leaves to create the gorgeous backdrop for that special day, and even on this random Tuesday night, Ani and I felt nothing short of VIP. We truly had our Cinderella experience thanks to these lovely GLAMSQUAD gals and the whole process was nothing but wonderful. Even if this wasn’t my actual wedding, I felt pampered and prepared to take on whatever the night had in store for me, even if Ani and I only went and had dollar pizza at a local bar afterwards.

glamsquad bridal

Would I call GLAMSQUAD to get me ready on my real wedding day? Absolutely. These skilled girls were just a few of the many talented hair, nail, and makeup artists that GLAMSQUAD employs, making it easy to always trust that you’ll get an amazing experience with this service, and I have the first-hand experience to prove it.

To get even more inside scoop on the bridal beauty trends for Fall 2015, we chatted with GLAMSQUAD’s Creative Director, Giovanni Vaccaro and Director of Makeup Artistry, Kelli Bartlett, to find out just what to expect this autumn in the way of bridal beauty. See what they had to say below.

GLAMSQUAD bridal beauty is all about bringing out the best version of the bride on her special day. This season, bridal hair and makeup trends embody the concept of elevating one’s natural beauty. All about classic romance, infused with very subtle dramatic or glamorous details, brides typically prefer the timeless aesthetic that is neutral but noticeable. They are drawn to classic, romantic and chic as opposed to super bold and on-trend. Bridesmaids beauty trends are similarly chic, yet with an added element of playfulness and on-trend edge.

Two popular bridal beauty trends showcased on the runways were the ‘sleek and polished’ and the ‘whimsical and dreamy.’ Think ballerina vs. boho.


For bridal makeup, the soft, fresh-faced, natural look is a timeless staple, showcasing rosy cheeks, pink lips and lightly lined eyes. The look is all about elevating a natural, barely-there beauty appeal without feeling overdone. The smoky eye is reinterpreted, trading bold black and charcoal powders for earth tones and shimmery metallics.

For hair, two popular looks were the polished and structured updo, like this modern chignon (the hair seen on the bride), or looser, with volume, whimsical waves and interesting texture (hair seen on the bridesmaid). Across the board, hair accessories have been popular on both updos and down hairstyles. A little flower, bow or pin embellishment adds a special romantic touch to any look, formal or free-spirited.

The Bride: The Rose 

glamsquad bridal

Timeless and elegant, this bride is poised for a classic black tie affair. The epitome of ladylike, her beauty look is sophisticated and polished with a pristine radiance suited for a traditional ballroom or banquet hall. Makeup focuses on sculpted eyes in neutral hues accentuated with liner and false lashes and topped with a feminine rose lip and cheek. Hair is structured and sleek with volume and a chic finish.

The Bridesmaid: The Ivy

glamsquad bridal

Delicate and dreamy, this bridesmaid is straight out of a rustic fairytale. A natural beauty with a bohemian flare, she has a contagious energy ripe for an outdoor wedding in the countryside, at a vineyard, or in the backyard. Makeup showcases soft watercolor washes on the eyes, an ethereal glow on the cheeks and a raspberry lip stain for a barely-there beauty look. Hair is soft, flowing and ethereal with intricate twists, often topped off with a flower crown.

Can’t wait to book your services? Head over GLAMSQUAD to get your gorgeous on!

*Editor’s note: Can confirm, my apartment is beyond tiny.

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