Halloween week is finally here! Enhance your costume with this fabulous striped french Halloween manicure.

 What You Need:
Glosser top coat by ORLY
Hot & Spicy by OPI
Black On Black by Sinful Colors
– Scotch Tape


  1. Polish your nails with 3 Way Glaze.
  2. Paint all nails with “Hot & Spicy”.
  3. After allowing the orange to dry completely, tape off the top each nail with scotch tape.
  4. Use “Black On Black” to color in your tips. Slowly peel off the scotch tape.
  5. Allow the black tips to dry.
  6. Cut and apply gold nail tape to the edge of the black polish where it meets the orange. This is a great cover up if you smudged any black polish. This will allow for clean lines.
  7. I decided to add extra flair by including some purple nail tape right below the gold.
  8. Secure the nail tape with a generous coat of “Glosser” top coat.

halloween manicure

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