A Shimmery Upgrade for Neutral Nails

Add some flair to neutral nails with some teal shimmer and gold shine.

What You Need

  • All In One 3 Way Glaze From essie
  • ORLY Glosser top coat
  • Hazel by Zoya
  • Topless & Barefoot by essie
  • Golden Shock by Dior
  • Nail Studs – available on Amazon
  • Scotch Tape
  • Tweezers


1. Polish your nails with 3 Way Glaze.
2. Cut a thin strip of scotch tape. Place the tape just above the middle of your ring finger.
3. Polish your ring finger with “Hazel” then peal off the tape. After, polish your pinky with the same color.
4. Using your tweezers, pick up a small stud and apply a dab of base coat to the back. Apply your stud to the nail. Continue this process until you have 3 studs lined up.
5. Polish your remaining nails with “Topless & Barefoot”.
6. Add some gold flecks using “Golden Shock” to your middle finger for some extra shine.
7. Once dry, add a very generous amount of top coat to your studded ring finger. This will secure your studs. Polish all other nails with a regular amount of top coat.

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