Stress, unfortunately, seems to be a topic that most of us can relate to all too well. Whether you are struggling to maintain a healthy work lifestyle or just can’t seem to feel in control, stress impacts everyone. Luckily, there are healthy ways to combat this uncomfortable feeling.

To help us solve stressful situations, we sought out the best of the best. Kimberly Snyder is an all around wellness guru who has helped celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Channing Tatum on their journey to a happy healthy life. In her latest book, The Beauty Detox Power, she combines her knowledge as a certified nutritionist and her experience as a wellness and beauty expert to lead readers on the path to weight loss and true joy.kimberly snyder

So, how does Kimberly suggest fighting off everyday stresses without seeking refuge in unhealthy relaxers like carb-loaded snacks? In The Beauty Detox Power, she shares that “binging on carbs may feel comforting and soothing at first, but when you identify events or conditions that trigger stress, you can find more sustainable ways to achieve emotional balance.”

She also relays ways of removing unnecessary stress from your life. “Leave for work twenty minutes earlier so that fluctuations in traffic won’t make you tense about the possibility of being late,” Synder says. Feeling overwhelmed by your busy schedule? She also suggests planning fewer activities after work and on the weekend so you don’t have to rush around as much. If you’ve noticed that you feel on edge after leaving crowded venues, such as loud, overly packed restaurants and bars, this could be a stress trigger for you. Kimberly states, “crowded social events at such places are unavoidable, but if you choose more relaxing spots more often than not, your nervous system will thank you!”

If you’ve ever noticed a shortness of breath after a tense situation there’s a reason for that as well. “When you get stressed, your breaths get shorter and choppier, and then your whole system goes into overdrive, which leaves you feeling like you need to be soothed afterward,” says Snyder. In her book, Kimberly offers readers some beginner’s meditation tips, which include a basic pranayama breath technique. “Developing a meditation practice is the key to increasing joyfulness, regardless of outer circumstances, and the attainment of your highest potential in all areas of your life,” she proclaims.

Stress is a normal human reaction, but controlling it and avoiding it can lead to a much happier life. Is something stressing you out? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to include which of Kimberly’s tips you plan to try out!

Kimberly Synder is a teacher, certified nutritionist, and recurring health and beauty expert on the Today show, The Dr. Oz Show, and Access Hollywood and appears on many other national programs. She was named one of the “top results-oriented nutritionists” by Vogue and has also been featured in the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, USA TODAY, Details, Self, Prevention, and many other publications. She is the founder of Glow Bio, an organic smoothie, juice, and cleanse company. Follow her: @_KimberlySnyder. Join the worldwide Beauty Detox Community at

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