A Gel Nail Art Manicure That You Can Actually Do at Home

This week, I used on of my all time favorite Ulta picks – essence nail polish. For everyone who loves gel, this brand makes it super easy to give yourself the professional long-lasting manicure that you desire right from the comfort of your own home. Each color comes with a thick brush for easy application and has a very affordable price point, (just $1.99 for colors and $3.99 for top and base coats)! Below, check out my gel nail art DIY using three of essence’s most fabulous colors!

What You Need:

image1 (19)
– essence (the gel) – base coat
– essence (the gel) – top coat
– essence (the gel) – sweet as candy
– essence (the gel) – black is black
– essence (the gel) – space queen
– scotch tape
– black studs Available on Amazon
– tweezers


gel nail art
1. Polish all nails with the base coat and allow to completely dry.
2. Randomly place pieces of scotch tape around your middle and ring fingers. I created V shapes around my nails.
3. Polish in the shapes that you created with “black is black”. Allow nails to fully dry.
4. Add glitter using “space queen” by swiping over the black polish. Allow to dry then slowly peel off the stripes of tape.
5. Using “sweet as candy,” polish your pointer, pinky, and thumb nails. Once dry, add some glitter to your pointer and pinky fingers by using “space queen”.
6. While your nails are still damp, take tweezers and grab a black stud. Add stud to the center base of your pinky and pointer nails, just above the cuticles.
7. After nails are completely dry, add a top coat to seal the deal.
I decided to take off my Essence Gel polish after almost two weeks. There was barely any sign of wear to my nails. They were almost perfect! I was extremely impressed by their line. Also, the color comes off easily with regular nail polish remover. No need to soak your nails for an extended period of time like regular gel from the salon. I give Essence an A+!
image5 (1)
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