Being the wellness experts that we are, we get a ton of questions from fans wanting to know everything and anything about the spa life. From getting naked during massages, to what to expect while receiving eyelash extensions, whatever you ask, we’re happy to find the answer. Not surprisingly, some of our most frequently asked questions come from mommas-to-be and recent mothers. If anyone needs a relaxing day of pampering at the spa, it is definitely the fearless women bringing life into this world.

Equipped with the most burning questions mommies have been asking, we reached out to some of our favorite industry experts to find out what’s safe at the spa and what should be avoided. If you are a new mama or mommy-to-be, congratulations! Now, scroll down and find all the answers you might need in order to enjoy a worry-free day at your favorite spa.


facial while breastfeeding

Can you get a facial while pregnant?

“Yes you can! Due to hormonal fluctuations, please avoid extreme exfoliation and the following: chemical peels, glycolic peels, retina, and retinol. In addition, be informed of product ingredients in your home care regimen. Also, any skin detox processes such as body wraps and infrared sauna should also be avoided. Opt for a facial in the 1st trimester for relaxation and pampering.” – Anne Mason-Arnold, President of Cloudmover Day Spa

Can you get a facial while breastfeeding?

“You can get facials while breastfeeding, but only treatments that use gentle/paraffin free ingredients products. Every spa should have these. However, you cannot do any peels or laser treatments, and it is advisable to avoid any facial that has active ingredients.” – Elizabeth Dibartolo, Owner of Euro Laser Spa Services

MassageYoung attractive girl receiving head massage at spa resort

When can you get a massage while pregnant (first, second, third trimester)? What should you expect?

“In the second trimester, you can look forward to massage that is performed with proper bolstering pillows and support tools. Face down is also an option during the second trimester if the client is comfortable and the proper support tools are used.  During the third trimester, the majority of the massage is done face up with a supporting bolster under the upper body and knees.  This reduces low back pressure so the client can relax and enjoy.  Side posture is used with support between the legs and under the neck and if the client is comfortable sometimes 5-10 minutes can be done face down with proper support tools. Whatever the service is, always ensure your provider is aware of contraindicated pressure points to avoid uterine contractions.” – Anne Mason-Arnold, President of Cloudmover Day Spa

“Pregnancy and massage are a great combo after the first trimester.  Pre-natal massages are especially good at the end of the pregnancy to help stimulate the baby to join our world if mom is late or uncomfortable. We have a pregnancy pillow that we put on top of the massage table that allows mom to lie face down up until the day she delivers.  Additionally, massage really helps with swelling in the feet and the limbs once weight gain has begun.” – Elizabeth Dibartolo, Owner of Euro Laser Spa Services

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