I’ll admit it, I am not a huge barre person. The tiny movements are obviously great for sculpting, toning, and lengthing the body, but the shakes that result usually make me feel weak and incapable. In some classes, I find the speed to be a little too slow  and a tad boring. I know that many studios preach to “embrace the shake,” and to move as small as you possibly can, however, I have found myself much happier peddling away at Peloton or completing strokes at Row House.

But, we live in a world where barre reigns supreme. From friends to family members and colleagues, it seems that just about everyone is obsessing over these ballerina-inspired workouts. So, if all of my friends are comparing and contrasting their favorite barre studios, I don’t want to just sit in the corner with nothing to contribute. Like any fitness enthusiast would do, I set out to find a barre class that I could actually fall in love with. To my surprise, I didn’t find just one pointe-filled fitness experience to adore, but three.

Grab your sticky socks and forget everything you’ve ever known about barre because these three classes are shaking up the standard.



Photo by: Pure Barre

Pure Barre – Platform

Ah, cardio. I have quite the love/hate relationship with this form of exercise. However, to my surprise, it was a full-on love affair when I tried out a preview class of Pure Barre‘s latest offering, Pure Barre Platform. While there are still pointed toes-a-plenty, this 55-minute class amps up your average PB experience by utilizing their newest equipment, the platform. With cardio bursts, jumps, and weights in the mix you can guarantee your heart rate will rise and your muscles will burn. I had an absolute blast during this class and couldn’t believe when it was over. Music was pumping, legs were lifting, sweat was dripping, and smiles were seen around the room.

Pure Barre Platform launches in certain studios this month and will continue to roll out across the country into 2016. If you wish your current barre class had a little more oomph, I strongly suggest you pop by your local PB and grab a spot as soon as it makes its debut.


Photo by: ZNB Fitness

Photo by: ZNB Fitness

Xtend Barre – Stick Fusion

When I first heard about Xtend Barre‘s Stick Fusion class, I had no idea what to expect. Originally, I envisioned walking around the room using a long balancing device much like with a tightrope. My fears were soon lifted when I realized that the Pilates Stick is a light apparatus that attaches to the ballet barre to add resistance and deepen each core exercise. I love a good core workout and consider my mid-section my biggest concern, so anything that engages my abs is a friend of mine. The 45-minute class breezed by, but I still felt like I got an amazing workout in. If you are a fan of traditional barre, but crave a faster environment with more ab-driven experience, this is definitely for you.


Piloxing Barre

Photo by: Piloxing Academy

Piloxing with Michelle – Piloxing Barre

Until recently, boxing and barre were two words I would never have thought to put together. Boxing is aggressive and barre is delicate, so the two seems like opposite worlds. Enter Piloxing with Michelle. This 45-minute class takes traditional barre moves and throws in hooks, kicks, and jabs to spice things up. That’s right, Piloxing Barre literally making you a boxing ballerina. I had an absolute blast during this class, shuffling across the floor then dipping into a plié. It truly combines the best of both worlds, staying true to barre’s origins while making it fun and exciting. If you can’t get enough CKO, but want to arabesque with the best, you have to check this out.


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