How would you like to burn 600-800 calories an hour while giving your mind and body a total workout? Sounds great, right? CorePower Yoga‘s “Yoga Sculpt” is not your typical “breathe in, breathe out yoga class.” In fact, it’s actually more of a roller coaster ride that creates a heart pumping mix up of core, booty, weights, cardio, and yoga.


Admittedly, it took two classes for me to actually get through one of these sweat-drenched workouts, but it was totally worth it to experience the mind and body peace that I have gained over the past year. Even though all of the teachers lead each class to the beat of their own drum, you can always expect a ton of squats, lunges, and weight lifting sun salutations. This yoga experience is truly one-of-a-kind and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ready to bust your butt and center your mind? Take these tips and run to your next CPY Yoga Sculpt class. Namaste.


Don’t Chug

You never want to go without your water bottle. Your favorite Nalgene, S’well, or Nathan canteen is always a clutch for class, but don’t be too tempted to chug. Sip slowly, as an abundance of water can make you feel full and prevent you from performing your best. Remember, sip don’t slurp.


Appreciate The Heat

Feeling overheated? Leaving the classroom will cool down your body to the point where you would rather not go back to the butt busting cardio workout. Instead, take a break in the class and sit down with your head above your heart. Continue Ujaie breaths until you feel confident you can rejoin the class. And remember, weights are always optional!


Don’t Forget The Cardinal Rule

If at first you don’t succeed try, try, and try again. Don’t knock it if you have a hard time channeling your inner super girl and conquering this workout your first time. Although this class may not always be for the fainthearted, if you can stick it out two to three times a week, you will gain the benefits of an at-ease mind and a tight and toned behind.

Ready to jump in and experience this unique yoga option?  Find a CorePower Yoga location near you and get your first week for free!

Rachel is a beauty expert from the windy city who loves her job as a medical esthetician for Dr. Peter Geldner. As an animal lover and activist, she favors cruelty-free ways of savvy skincare and loves to educate people on how to achieve a flawless face without harmful products. Follow her for skincare savers and cruelty-free beauty on Instagram at @beauty_by_rach_

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