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Congratulations Sarah Robin Johnson. You said you love PiYo, and we are so excited for you to add Pure Barre Flex into your exercise routine. Have a happy and healthy holiday season! Please email your mailing address to to claim your prize. Everyone else, check back tomorrow for another awesome giveaway! Every day in December, we will be giving away amazing prizes in honor of the 31 Days of Wellness. Follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss a day! Good luck!


Happy Black Friday everyone! Or as many people think of it – ‘The Day of Post-Thanksgiving Eating Regret’. We can admit it, we indulged a lot yesterday. With creamy pumpkin pies and savory mashed potatoes swirling around in our tummies, the only thing we can think about is getting back to the gym. Unfortunately, holiday schedules are hectic, and it feels like every year once soon as the Turkey Day feast commences, we just get busier and busier. It doesn’t seem like we have any time left for staying in shape.

As the sweater get chunkier, and so do our bellies, here comes the yearly holiday panic. But, fear not, this time we have a secret weapon up our cashmere cardigan sleeves. Thankfully, one of our absolute favorite fitness boutiques, Pure Barre, just released our new winter exercise savior – two new at-home workouts.

A new concept for Pure Barre, this series includes two new DVDs: the Tone in 10 DVD featuring six 10 minute workouts and the 30 Minute Burn DVD, which features two 30 minute workouts. Whether you are taking a short break at the office to get moving or want to mix and match to create a full workout, the Pure Barre Flex Series can fit into even the busiest of holiday schedules.

So put down those leftover drumsticks, and read all about what these workouts have to offer. But wait! We aren’t sending you home empty handed. We’re giving one lucky fan the opportunity to bust their busts just like the Spa Week team by giving away The Flex Series DVD Package. Scroll down for more info!

pure barre giveaway
The Tone in 10 gives you the ability to choose the areas of your body you want to focus on and the length of the workout that suits your schedule for the day. The DVD includes the following six 10 minute workouts which deliver amazing results in a short period of time: full body, arms & abs, thighs & seat, thighs & abs, seat & abs, back & cool down.
pure barre giveaway
The 30 Minute Burn utilizes Pure Barre’s innovative technique which combines controlled, low impact movements with your own body weight and resistance to create a long, lean physique and intentional strength throughout the entire body. The workout is designed to shift energetically between lightly supported standing work and floor work that targets and tones the body from every angle and motivates you to work for the changes you want to see.
pure barre giveaway
The Flex Series DVD package comes with a pair of Pure Barre signature sticky socks, physical copies of 30 Minute Burn and Tone in 10, plus one-year streaming access to both DVDs. All for just $59.95, this set is sure to whip your butt into shape for the holidays and beyond. To celebrate our obsession with this amazing set, we want one lucky winner to experience it all.

Are you ready to win? Join us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and in the comment section below. Then, tell us how you stay healthy during the holiday season. For additional entries head to our social media platforms, like our page, comment, and tag a friend! Be sure to check back on Monday to see if you’re our winner! (US residents only)

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23 Responses

  1. Lisa Alexander

    Exercising every chance I get even if it’s just taking the stairs. Clean eating so those splurges during the holidays are small cheat meals I can enjoy.

  2. Chris

    I keep exercising even if it’s cold outside and limit my sweets to just a small bite!

  3. Sara Rotolo

    Staying healthy during the holidays can be challenging. I use tools like mediation, yoga, and walking on a treadmill. I am sure I could make some improvements.

  4. Crystal S

    I make sure to get my daily exercise in and just eat in moderation. I want to be able to enjoy the holidays, too!


    I stay healthy by simply walking everyday with my family; it’s easy and of course eating in moderation.

  6. Kevin Helm Sr

    I was watching Discovery Health channel and was told to go to this website to enter the $5000 giveaway

  7. Stephanie B

    I continue to workout and eat the way I usually do. A few extra treats here and there doesn’t make much of a difference.

  8. Angie W

    I make healthy meals, keep up with my workout routine, and do things to relax, like meditation and yoga!

  9. Lorrie Cutter

    I stay healthy during the holiday season by limiting my portions or treats that are available as well as staying active in the cold weather. Sometimes I have to force myself to get outside for my daily walk when it’s so cold, but I never regret it! I always feel better and more energized and prepared to tackle my day!

  10. Emily Geary

    I stay healthy by maintaining my regular exercise routine and try to make healthy decisions and avoid over-eating! I also try to not stress about the small things and focus on what is important! I try not to stress and feel guilty over indulging every once in a while!

  11. Emily Geary

    I stay healthy by maintaining my regular exercise routine and try to make healthy decisions and over-eating! I try not to stress and feel guilty over indulging every once in a while!

  12. Michelle Brewer

    I walk 2-3 miles a day. If I can not gain during the holidays then I have made progress.

  13. Lisa Matsumoto

    I try to keep up with all my co-workers, who are younger than me. They are my motivation – one plays tennis and another does martial arts.

  14. Trisha B.

    I keep my portions small, take my vitamins, drink plenty of water and exercise at least 3 days each week.

  15. Sandy Weinstein

    i plan to watch what i eat, get my exercise in, no 2nd helpings and walk and run with my dogs to stay in shape. i will eat a salad b4 to fill up, no dressing, a small piece of pumpkin pie plain but toasted, no skin on the turkey.


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