A Whimsical Birthday Nail Art DIY

 Given that my birthday was this week, I decided to go all out and create festive party nails complete with glitter and balloons! Check out this whimsical birthday tutorial for all ages!

What you need


  • Hydrangea Kiss by Color Club
  • Almost Famous by Color Club
  • Age of Aquarius by Color Club
  • too taboo by essie
  • butler please by essie
  • Cheeky by Orly
  • Chasing Rainbows by OPI
  • I Cannoli Wear OPI by OPI
  • Luxe by Orly
  • Orly Glosser – Top Coat
  • all in one base coat by essie
  • Skinny Paint Brush & Dotting Tool – Available on Amazon


1. Polish all nails with your base coat.

2. Apply “I cannoli wear OPI” to all nails then wait for this color to dry.

3. Using your nail dotting tool apply a dab of “too taboo” to your nail. Move dotting tool in a circular motion to create a bigger dot.

4. Continue adding your balloons using multiple colors. These do not need to be perfect.

5. Once your nails are dry, add balloon strings! Using a skinny brush dab a bit of “luxe” and draw random lines to form a V shape.

6. Add some confetti by applying a thick coat of “chasing rainbows” to your middle fingers.

7. Give your nails a generous amount of time to dry before adding your top coat. You do not want to smudge those adorable balloons!

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