We’re celebrating #GivingTuesday by taking care of the two most difficult people on your holiday list – your significant other and your favorite party host. What do you get for the people you love the most when they seem to have everything? What should you give this season that also has an amazing social impact? Don’t worry my charitable companions! We’ve found two unique and fun presents that give back while leaving a lasting impression.

Discover our favorites below, and make sure to tell us what philanthropic gifts you’re giving this season in the comments section. Happy shopping!

The Drink That Gives Back

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Absolut Elyx Gift Set – $120.00

With holiday parties a-plenty this season, it’s hard to find a meaningful gift to every gracious host. Although bottles of wine are great, they seem to lack the oomph of holiday spirit. Luckily, we’ve discovered the perfect present to bestow upon all of your favorite party hostess.

Luxury vodka brand, Absolut Elyx recently entered into a 5-year social impact partnership with non-profit Water For People to help drive awareness and support for long-term solutions to the global water crisis. For every bottle of vodka sold, Elyx will make a contribution to help provide access to one week of safe water (140 liters) to someone in need through WFP’s work. Each Elyx Pineapple of Hospitality, the adorable copper pineapple drinking vessel, that is sold will provide access to one month of water (560 liters). Their goal is to provide access to safe water to 100,000 people. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

Once you snag a bottle for your favorite party host, whip them up an amazing cocktail to really blow them away. Get ready, because you’re about to be everyone’s favorite guest this holiday season. Cheers!

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The Gift of Protection & Prevention


L – Assorted Products

This #GivingTuesday also happens to fall on #WorldAidsDay. Taking charge of your sexual health is the best way to prevent STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and more. In this day and age, getting tested, using protection and staying educated seem like basic common sense. Fortunately, I’ve had these tools at my fingertips since the time I learned watermelon seeds couldn’t get me pregnant. Kudos to my fifth-grade teacher for delivering sex ed lessons to a bunch of giggling, fidgeting girls who wanted nothing more than run screaming from the room. What we didn’t realize at the time was what a privilege it was to learn that our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of, that sex is normal and healthy, and that there are ways to approach it safely and responsibly.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sex education and reproductive health care, not everyone in the world enjoys the same privileges. Even in the 21st century, AIDS is the number one killer of women of reproductive age 15 to 44. The reason why? “Biological factors, lack of access to information and health services, economic vulnerability and unequal power in sexual relations expose women, particularly young women, to HIV infection,” according to the World Health Organization. “Maternal deaths are the second biggest killer of women of reproductive age. Every year, approximately 287,000 women die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth, 99% of them are in developing countries.”


These alarming statistics are the reason photojournalist Talia Frenkel founded L, a high-grade condom company with a mission to support women globally by focusing on their sexual empowerment. To achieve this, L. partners with development organizations that support women and HIV/AIDS prevention. Not only that but for every condom purchased, one is distributed in a developing country.

“With every condom we sell, we donate one to a female entrepreneur in a developing country in need. We’re really focused on a holistic approach with distribution. We’re not just thinking ‘let’s ship condoms to this area and hope for the best’. We really think about all the implications of distributing condoms in a region,” Talia tells me. Currently, the brand works with 2,000 female entrepreneurs in high impact areas that have little to no access to condoms, have high prevalence rates of HIV, or high unplanned pregnancy rates. “In Uganda for example, we work with women and educate them to become health care promoters. They literally go door to door educating their peers about condom usage.”joy-large

For Wold AIDS Day and Giving Tuesday, L is sending out FREE samples and a wristband to everyone who writes to the email givelove@thisisl.com.  All you have to do is include a mailing address. For every sample they send out, they will match it with a donation in Uganda. Sounds like a pretty banging deal to me! Make sure to email L to do some good and snag your free samples and then head to their site to pick up some sexy stocking stuffers for that special someone in your life!

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