This week, I decided to try “Matte Topcoat” by Zoya to give my nails a chic, velvety texture. Creating this fun classy design only took about 15 minutes. Try it for yourself!

What You Need:




  1. Polish all nails with the “all in one” base coat by essie.
  2. Take your dotting tool and dab black polish onto the tip. Apply the dotting tool to your ring finger nail then move in a circular motion creating a larger polka dot. Repeat these dots around this nail. Pro tip: Allow the pattern to go off the edge of your nail to create a pattern-type look.
  3. While allowing your ring finger to dry, polish all remaining nails with “black on black”.
  4. Apply a small dab of “luxe” onto the dotting tool. Now, apply this smaller dot over the larger black dots on your ring finger.
  5. Add the “matte topcoat” to your solid black nails to give your manicure a velvety finish.
  6. Apply “glosser” topcoat over your ring finger. (The idea is to keep the ring fingers shiny while the other nails stay matte for a chic look!)
image2 (10)
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