I was hooked from the moment I got my first set of eyelash extensions. I hate the muss and fuss of eye makeup, especially mascara because I find it nearly impossible to get right the first time and actually impossible to remove at the end of the night. The struggle is real as real as the inevitable raccoon eyes I have to rock the next day. Now that I’ve discovered the beauty of extensions I can kiss my mascara goodbye and wake up every morning to effortlessly flawless and voluminous lashes.

She Winks Lash Studio in NYC was founded in 2014 by Ramona Azcona and Julie Mella, two entrepreneurs who happened to be BFFs. They explain on their website, “Our ultimate goal is to empower women and enhance their natural beauty by providing the most professional and glamourous eyelash extension services in NYC.”

Mission accomplished! I was immediately impressed when I stepped inside their chic, spacious studio and was warmly greeted by their very helpful and attentive receptionist. Glass of champagne before I get started? Don’t mind if I do! From there I met my eyelash stylist, made my way to a very cozy table (complete with a snuggly blanket if needed), and got nice and comfortable.

To get started my I was asked about the type of look I was hoping to achieve. I told my stylist she could go crazy and make my eyes as dramatic as she wanted. From there she used a very gentle tape-like adhesive to make sure my lower lashes would be out of the way. Once that was taken care of she went to work skillfully applying a faux mink lash to every single one of my natural lashes. This doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable in any way. In fact, you can’t really feel the lashes being applied at all. Within about 45 minutes, my right eye was complete and it was time to get my left eye up to speed.

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A full set of faux mink lashes, $140

At She Winks, they consult with each client and recommend the eyelash extensions and design they believe will be the most complimentary fit to one’s overall appearance. To make this decision they consider a person’s facial features, hair color, and skin tone. The results can range from super subtle to extremely dramatic. She Wink’s eyelash stylists will then individualize the shape, texture, growth pattern, and curl of the extension to each client’s specific needs and requirements. Depending on the desired results they’ll apply anywhere from 50 to 130 lashes per eyes.

After a very relaxing hour and a half, my full set of extensions were complete and I was a smitten kitten. They had all the volume, length, definition, and curl mascaras would like you to believe they can provide from a bottle but trust me — not even the best mascara in the world is going to compete with lash extensions.

Before leaving She Winks, I was given a cute pink eyelash brush along with a set of instructions outlining how to properly care for my new peepers. The number one rule is that your new lashes can’t get wet for 24 hours. She Winks also directs clients to brush their lashes every time they get out of the shower or wash their face. If you love liner and shadow, not to worry because you’re still allowed to wear both (sorry mascara!). That being said, oil-based eye makeup removers interfere with the adhesive used to attached the lashes so you’ll have to switch to a water-based formula if you want them to last as long as possible.

Speaking of their lifespan, these extensions last around three to five weeks with proper maintenance. To keep them looking brand new She Winks recommends getting them filled in on the second or third week of wear. After that, new full sets can be applied four to six weeks. Lash extensions will shed naturally, but if you want to speed up the process head back to She Winks to have them removed professionally.

Ready to take your lashes to the next level with a set of extensions? A full set of faux mink lashes cost $140 and real mink starts at $280. They also have very natural looking sets starting at $115. Head over to She Winks for more information or call 212-944-1850 to book your appointment today.


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