Somehow, December always seems to turn into bar crawl season. With drunk Santas roaming the streets of New York all month long, we couldn’t help but think that there should be a healthy, relaxing alternative to guzzling beers and throwing back tequila shots. Then, it came to us — we would embark on a Spa Crawl!

The concept? Head out on the town for a day of pure bliss in preparation for our upcoming roster of holiday parties while experiencing some of our favorite treatments at the top spots in NYC. This season, pampering and happiness were going to take the place of headaches and hangovers, and we couldn’t have been more excited. For the itinerary, we opted for everybody’s four most-loved spa services: waxing, facials, massages, and mani-pedis. Check out our journey below, and make sure to tell us where you’d head on your own Spa Crawl in the comments section below.

Stop 1: Waxing at Vada Spa & Laser Center


Leah here! When we arrived at Vada Spa & Laser Center, I was quite nervous. Although I was alongside bikini waxing veteran extraordinaire, Ani Palen, I myself was a total newbie. Sure, I’ve had my eyebrows waxed plenty of times, but even that small amount of hair removal can result in some serious pain. So, was a larger and more *ahem* sensitive area going to be even worse?

Upon checking in at Vada, I was assured by multiple members of the staff that I would be just fine and that I was in excellent hands. Even still, I did get nervous when they called Ani back first, leaving me to sit alone with my worries for a few minutes. Finally, it was my turn to take the plunge, so I made way back to my treatment room, removed everything below my waist, and laid on a treatment table. The entire service lasted about ten minutes and consisted of having warm wax applied and quickly removed by a very quick-handed (key to painless waxing!) and professional esthetician along with the application of what seemed like buckets of baby powder. Just like that, my first Brazilian bikini wax officially over. Was it enjoyable? No. Was it bearable? Absolutely. I will spare you the details, but the results were great and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to experience my first bikini wax anywhere else.

Stop 2: Glycolic Peels at The Peel Bar – Beauty RX


Ani here! For the second leg of our holiday Spa Crawl, we headed to The Peel Bar by Beauty RX to get their famous Glycolic Peel. Glycolic acid rejuvenates skin by giving it a deep exfoliation. Last time we visited The Peel Bar our skin was glowing for weeks, so we knew it would be the perfect treatment to get our skin in shape for all of our upcoming holiday parties.

This highly effective peel is formulated with 30% glycolic acid, but it still manages to be gentle enough that clients can pop in for the 15-minute service and leave without any redness or irritation. Glycolic acid is nothing new to my skin because I use Beauty RX’s 10% Exfoliating Pads every other day to maintain a gorgeous glow, cut down on oil, and remove dead skin cells. Each time I’ve visited The Peel Bar, my skin has shown zero signs of irritation, just super impressive results.

Leah has much more sensitive skin than me. Prior to visiting The Peel Bar for the first time she had not never used glycolic acid-infused products, to the peel left her skin red for about 10 minutes. Once the redness subsided, Leah was hooked on Beauty RX and immediately incorporated their Progressive Peel Kit into her daily routine. With her skin now accustomed to the regular use of glycolic acid, Leah’s skin showed no signs of redness or irritation during her second go around at The Peel Bar. It’s safe to say stop number two was an absolute success.

Stop 3: Couple’s Massage at Haven Spa


Leah again! Massages, I’ve had a-plenty, but I had yet to journey down “couple’s massage” road. Every other experience I have had has been alone with a masseuse as soft spa music tinkers in the background. I’ve always wondered about getting a massage with another person because in reality shows people experiencing tandem massages tend to gossip loudly throughout the entire treatment. Is this par for the course and expected during a couple’s massage? To me this kind of behavior seemed like it would take away from the relaxation one is meant to experience during a massage. Were Ani and I supposed to strike up a casual conversation while getting our kinks worked out? We were about to find out.

Upon arrival at Haven Spa, Ani and I were quickly taken back to the locker rooms so we could change into cozy robes and spa shoes. As soon as our ridiculously snuggly robes were tied, we both had smiles from ear to ear.  From there we were ushered to the gorgeous waiting area, complete with our choice of tea and an amazing ceiling decked out with twinkling stars. This room was bliss come to life. After spending some time in the lounge, our massage therapists escorted us back to our treatment room where we were left to de-robe and make ourselves comfortable under the covers of our separate tables. Being the extremely awkward human that I am, upon climbing on to the table I somehow accidentally positioned myself under the bottom sheet putting myself directly on the table. Shoutout to my therapist for explaining where my mostly naked body was supposed to be. Hint: it is not directly on the bare table. Oops.

For an hour, Ani and I enjoyed a state of total relaxation as our masseuses went to work skillfully massaging all of our stress away. Unlike the Kardashians, we did not chat or laugh during the service*, but simply coexisted in euphoria. The masseuses’ expert hands removed knots and tension that we both have from working long days at computers. The 60-minute treatment flew by as we floated along on this cloud of pampering. When we were finished, we headed back to the locker room for a quick sit in the steam room and a cup of water each. When all was said and done we both gave Haven Spa a 10/10 for professionalism, experience, and relaxation.

*Editor’s note: I did laugh at Leah when she made that massage table faux pas. Sorry spa wifey!

Stop 4: Mani-Pedis at Rehoboth Spa Lounge


We wouldn’t be holiday-party-ready without a stop at one of our favorite Spas for manicures and pedicure, Rehoboth. When booking our Spa Crawl, I was intrigued that they offered a Hot Stone Pedicure. I’ve certainly had my share of hot stone massages, but never a pedicure so I knew I had to try it.

I was thoroughly impressed by the hour and a half service because it did wonders to transform the dry, cracked tootsies I sheepishly strolled in with. This pedicure had so many elements I felt pampered to the nines. The first step consisted of a sugar scrub. The second step consisted of a heavenly 20-minute hot stone reflexology massage. After that my legs and feet were placed on top of hot stones and wrapped in my choice of a lavender or peppermint oil treatment. Small hot stones were even placed in between my toes! It felt lovely.

Next to me, my Spa Crawl buddy in crime had opted for Rehoboth’s Silky Milk Pedicure. Every time I looked over at Leah she was more relaxed than the next. And it’s no surprise since her pedicure found her feet soaked in a milk enriched bubble bath followed by exfoliation. Not only that but the pedicure was rounded out with a milk mud wrap topped off with heated booties. Her service also included the 20-minute reflexology massage and choice of oil treatment. Needless to say, by the end of our pedicures Leah and I  were two very happy spa-goers.

After our lovely pedi experience, which we both agreed were the nicest and most thorough we’ve both ever received, it was time for some pretty party-ready gel manis! Both of our manicures started with our hands being soaked in a nourishing treatment glove while we received a ten minute back massage from a masseuse. Can you think of anything more relaxing? Neither could we, but the service got even better when our lovely estheticians massaged our forearms and hands before flawlessly applying our gel colors of choice! As we walked out of the spa with completely rejuvenated feet and hands were both happy we’d booked Rehoboth as our last stop on the Spa Crawl because it was the perfect way to end our day of pampering and total relaxation.

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