How to Get the Body of Victoria’s Secret’s Hottest Angels From the People Who Train Them

It’s the day after the world famous Victoria’s Secret fashion show, or as many women think of it “the day that my new diet begins.” After watching gorgeous, fit models prance across the runway, it’s hard for any normal person not to envy their looks. With toned abs, long, lean legs, and sculpted arms, the Angels ooze confidence, beauty, and grace. Each year I watch these fierce women strut their stuff and wonder what exactly it takes to achieve these results.

The body these girls have seems so unattainable, it’s hard to think that any average person could get fit just like they do, right? Wrong! It turns out that many of the girls gracing the VS catwalk get their sweat on at one of New York City’s hottest fitness boutiques, modelFIT.

To find out exactly how these lovely ladies get their rockin’ bods and how we can do the same, we chatted with Rosalia Chann, a professional contemporary ballet dancer turned amazing trainer at modelFIT.

Can beginners jump into your classes, or is it for more advanced fitness gurus?

At modelFIT, beginners are welcome, but we highly recommend clients take a foundation class before jumping into the more advanced options, such ascombo or sculpt.  The flow of the class is based on the individuals taking, so if a beginner signs up for the advanced class, some of the more difficult exercises may be limited due to everyone’s ability.

Which modelFIT class would you recommend first for someone wanting to #TrainLikeAnAngel?

Sculpt because the workout is a full body workout, while focusing on specific target areas that create toned, lean bodies.

How many times do you need to take modelFIT classes before seeing results?

Everybody’s body and goals are different, so at modelFIT, we really emphasize being the best you can be within your body. Since goals vary, there is no set formula for results, however, we recommend working out at least 3 times a week for at least a month, given that your diet, cardio and life-balance are in order.

What are the main areas of the body that modelFIT targets?

modelFIT is a full body workout that incorporates movement, boxing, yoga, pilates, and toning to create long, lean bodies. The exercises are done slowly in small interval motions, forcing the brain and body to connect.  In all modelFIT classes, various exercises are done to lift the butt, tone the arms, engage the abs and sculpt the legs.

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We know getting an Angels body isn’t just done by working out. What nutritional steps do you recommend to complete the package?

I’m a firm believer in eating clean food that comes close from the source. When I don’t have time to cook, I recommend my clients to try Sakara Life, as the program is convenient, yummy and healthy.

Both co-founders of modelFIT, Vanessa Packer (a holistic nutritionist) and Justin Gelband (trainer) are fans of the blood type diet created by Dr. D’Adamo.  Gelband says, “There are four different blood types and many different body types, so what tastes good for you, may not be best for body.”

If you had to pick three moves to get a Victoria’s Secret Angel body, what would they be?

Anything that lifts my butt, targets my arms and armpit area, and works my inner thighs while keeping my core engaged.

Can anyone go to modelFIT, or just tall, beautiful models?

Of course!!! While modelFIT is known for having some of the most beautiful models as a clientele, the studio is always packed with a great crew of powerbabes with various body types, backgrounds, and professions. ModelFIT is all about being the best model you can be within your own body- its not model thin, its model fit.

What are the first steps that someone can take towards getting a runway ready body?

Self-acceptance and knowing that everyone’s body is different. Strive to be the best that you can be individually from the inside out.

Are men often found in modelFIT classes, or is primarily run by girls?

What man wouldn’t want to work out with the most beautiful women?! Well, most admit they are very intimidated, but curious about the workout. Recently modelFIT started a MANFIT* program taught by Angelo Grinceri. MANFIT, an hour long full body class combines weighted resistance with dynamic movement patterns that build muscle and restore life to your body.

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All of the Angels are seriously #SquadGoals. Which Angels would you have in your ideal fitness squad?

Obviously all the modelFIT babes. Definitely Martha! I know Karlie isn’t an angel anymore, but she’s still my favorite. And Candice.

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*More about MANFIT:

MANFIT”- This hour-long, full-body class combines weighted resistance with dynamic movement patterns that build muscle and restores life to your body. Rooted in Intrinsic Strength Training, each exercise requires the body to move, working smaller, hard-to-reach muscles to elongate and strengthen your body. The result is better stability, greater range of motion and  long lean muscle.

Leading the MANFIT program is Angelo Grinceri. A movement specialist with 10 years experience working as a fitness professional. Angelo has focused on sculpting natural and symmetrical physiques by addressing poor posture, releasing tight muscles and restricted joints, and strengthening the core with every isolated muscle group. His classes incorporate advanced bodyweight calisthenics and olympic power lifting, working muscles often used in snowboarding, rock climbing, motorcycling, and cycling.

We don’t only look at calories burned, and muscles fatigued. Our workout becomes an educational session to  improve the function and the ability to control your own body  not only improving your physique but contributing to the improvement of your ability to safely move through life, improving your health and longevity over time.

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