If you’re anything like us you love a good cheesy Christmas sweater. In fact, one of our favorite holiday traditions is attending Christmas parties that require you to wear one. Who doesn’t love being able to party hop in a tacky, cheesy, or silly sweater? This season, take your ugly sweater up a notch and make it chic with one of these gorgeous accessories. 



Black & Gold Tights – $29.99

A little bit of bling draws the attention away from your totally cheesy top and adds a bit of flair to your ensemble. Black and gold go with nearly everything, and a little bit of sparkle from the gold will have people admiring your shoes rather than that less than stellar sweater.

Kate Spade Libby Heels  – $350.00

Once you have attention drawn to your legs, you’ve got to have a killer pair of shoes to seal the deal. This pair by Kate Spade provides the perfect amount of classy sparkle on a stylish black heel. With these babies on your feet, no one else at the party will really want to look anywhere else.


Anderson Collar from BaubleBar – $58.00

Rocking a necklace with an ugly sweater is a fine line. If it stands out too much, you’ll have everyone’s eyes drawn to your neck and then your badly patterned knitwear. The key is to accentuate and compliment, which is why this Anderson Collar from BaubleBar is perfect.


Leaf Hairband from ZARA –  $22.90

With a killer hair style and something to accent it, you can make your hair a focus point instead. This leaf hairband from ZARA makes you feel like a winter goddess rather than an overworked Christmas elf, which is just what you need for the perfect Christmas party.


Brass Quartz Crystal Earrings from Britt Bolton – $218.00

Once all eyes are away from that sweater, you can seal the deal with pair of Britt Bolton earrings. Rather than having everyone laugh at the pattern you picked for the evening, have them oohing and ahhing and asking where you got this one of a kind pair of earrings that are the crowning jewel of your outfit. (Excuse my pun, it’s the holidays.)

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