It’s been pretty mild this holiday season, so let’s cool things down with a cute snowflake holiday nail art tutorial. This manicure sure screams “let it snow,” even if the outside weather doesn’t!

What You Need:

image2 (12)


1. Polish all nails with the base coat.
2. Paint your pinky, pointer finger, and thumb with the white gel polish.
3. Add some sass to your manicure but painting your ring and middle fingers blue.
4. Once the white is completely dry, add some shimmer by applying “space queen” to your pinky and pointer fingers. I decided to leave my thumb white but feel free to apply glitter if you prefer.
5. Time to add the snow! Take a skinny paint brush and draw two T’s on your ring finger. Then, apply an ‘X’ to the middle. This leaves you with a cute snowflake shape.
6. Dab white onto the tip of your dotting tool. Apply the dotting tool to your middle finger to add small dots. This will create a ‘snowfall’ look.
7. Wait for all nails to dry completely before adding your top coat to ensure that you do not want to smudge the snow. Voila!
image3 (5)
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