Sanuk is the Thai word for “fun”. It’s also the name of one of my favorite footwear brands. Here’s why I love it so much!

Here at Spa Week Daily it’s no surprise that we’re big fans of the wellness lifestyle. Fitness, eating right, and heading to the spa are some of the things we (like many others) enjoy the most. As Spa Week’s resident guinea pig I hit the spa and gym a lot. I’ll pretty much try any treatment or workout under the sun and some of them can be a little, shall we say, uncomfortable. That’s why I always adhere to one rule rather strictly: dress as comfortably as possible. Whether I’m trying not to squirm while getting a Vampire Facial or I’ve just finished Piloxing, you can be sure my Sanuk Yoga Slings are resting comfortably on my freshly pedicured feet.

Designed with real yoga mat footbeds, I always feel like I’m walking on air in my Sanuks. They come in more than a variety of colors which means I can pair them with all my favorite activewear before and after getting down at the gym. They’re also perfectly cozy to wear while you waddle around in a bathrobe at the spa. Even though most spa offers up slippers, I always have my trusty Sanuks at the ready! And it’s not just my, my Spa Crawl partner-in-crime doesn’t hit the gym or spa without them either.

Whether you’re a yoga chick, spa girl, or fitness queen you’ll love rocking these ridiculously comfortable shoes everywhere you go. Head over to Sanuk to pick up a pair for yourself now.

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