Here’s What Happened When Two Top Stylists Gave Me a Hair Makeover

Do you remember watching America’s Next Top Model (R.I.P.) and drooling over the makeover episode each season? Even though half of the contestants ended up sobbing hysterically, I always dreamed of having Tyra look at me and tell me exactly which hair color and cut would make me my most fierce self. This weekend, I finally got to live my hair transformation dream.
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Accompanied by my Spa Wife, Ani, we headed down to Soho’s newest treasure, Marie-Lou & D to get the upgrade I’ve needed for ages. Now, this isn’t your average boring old salon and spa. The set up is super glam, the staff is unbelievably nice and accommodating, and everything about it screams luxury. I am not kidding, this place oozes beauty and pampering. The washing station chairs even massage you while you get your mane shampooed. Massage. Shampoo. Chairs. Words I thought did not coexist in one sentence, but I am oh-so-happy they do!

I was set up with the best of the best, Martin Plascencia for the cut and Rocco Barbetto for the color. If anyone could turn me into a stunning creature, it was these two. So how did it all go? Check out my entire transformation story, as told by my SnapChat story and a few snaps from Miss. Ani Palen herself.

1:00 pm I walked up to Marie-Lou and D. I saw this sign outside and obviously had to snap it. “Salon days are the best days,” is right! I was already excited for what the afternoon had in store for me.

1:03 pm Upon our arrival we were immediately offered sparkling glasses of champagne. I had only been there for three minutes and I already knew that we had come to the right place. These were our kind of people. Folks that sip champagne early in the afternoon…I’ll drink to that!


1:05 pm I plopped down in my chair, drink in hand, ready to hear what color Rocco would prescribe. He looked at me and within seconds asked, “How do you feel about being a red head? I’m talking Angie Everhart!” Anyone who knows me knows that I have had red hair for a good part of the past two and a half years. Clearly I was SO in. I had to google ‘Angie Everhart’ because I am a 23-year-old child who had never heard of her, but as soon as I laid eyes on her deep red locks, I was sold.

1:08 pm Martin popped over for the haircut consultation, and I informed him that I was game for pretty much any length below the shoulders. Quickly, he informed me he was thinking of a nice shaggy mid-length ‘do, with layering for movement and depth. I sighed, relieved he wasn’t going to try to tell me I would be able to rock a chic bob, which I know I absolutely cannot.

1:10 pm Ani and I headed over to the Marie-Lou and D Instagram mirror with Rocco in tow. It was time for before pictures. I took one last look at my limp, strawberry blondish, dead hair and said sayonara. Rocco and I took an adorable photo to capture my lifeless mane one last time.


1:11 pm It was time for Ani to go head further back into the spa to get an hour-long facial. I reluctantly said goodbye to her as she scampered back to her relaxation session. We have not been apart for a spa service in ages, and the separation anxiety was setting in. I sipped my champagne and wondered who was going to show me pictures of cute dogs wearing sweaters while she was gone.

1:12 pm Rocco began combing highlights into my hair while it was still dry. After every piece, he placed a piece of cotton on my head to keep them from all getting stuck together and spreading everywhere. I took a selfie to commemorate the beginning of my transportation. I was already getting texts and snaps about how excited everyone was to see my new look. The pressure was on.


1:22 pm I drank more champagne and waited for the highlights to set. The wonderful receptionist came over and asked if I wanted a magazine. I said yes and she graciously brought over every recent issue from all the big books. I was ready for a day full of celebrity gossip and fashion advice.


1:34 pm When we headed back to wash out the dye, I discovered the massaging shampoo station chairs. I was amazed. Excited. Confused as to why no one else has these. Relaxed. I already love getting my hair washed, but this just took it up another level.

1:45 pm It was time for a quick blow-dry. I sat back and pondered if I looked different yet. My hair was noticeably lighter thanks to the recently added highlights. I drank more champagne.


1:50 pm Whilst flipping through another gossip mag, I found out that Channing Tatum has an Instagram. Why didn’t I know this? How shameful. I immediately grabbed my phone and began following him. This day had already had so much progress and my hair color hadn’t even been applied yet. Below is a photo of Channing showing how excited we both are about my new discovery.


2:01 pm Ani finally came back from her facial wearing a robe that she definitely didn’t still need to have on. YOLO. As she skipped to me, angels sang in both of our heads. Reunited and it felt so good. When I inquired about our time apart, she said that she just had probably the best facial of her entire life. I was extremely jealous because I have been fiending for some quality extractions for weeks. Her skin looked like porcelain. I showed her a picture of Kim Kardashian that I had been waiting to reveal until her reemergence. We giggled. Spa wifeys for lifey!

2:07 pm We had reached the point of no return. It was time for my new color to be painted on. I added a picture to my SnapChat story. The color on my head probably revealed the final results, but oh well. Rocco poured Ani and I each another glass of champagne and we sat back to let it set. We then laughed at dumb jokes and stalked Instagram for new beauty and skincare products we wanted to try. Standard stuff.


2:40 pm We headed back to my favorite massage chairs. I quickly sat down, grabbed the remote, and laid back for a few more minutes of bliss. Ani curled up in the empty chair beside mine like she owned the place. We took another picture in which the hair dye coming out of my hair looked like someone had puked orange liquid into the sink. Here is a less graphic one.


2:59 pm Although my hair needed to be wet for the upcoming cut, Rocco dried one piece to see the final color. It was vibrant, beautiful, and oh-so-fun. Here is a picture of my face after the reveal. Clearly I was stoked.


3:10 pm It was time to rewet my hair and add a gloss. While my thirsty hair soaked up the gloss, a warm towel was applied to my head. I felt like the most coddled person in the world as Ani looked on, still clad in an unnecessary, (but cozy,) robe.


3:41 pm Martin came over and it was time for the big cut. I was nervous as I am with every hair cut, but ready to go. I was so excited to kiss the millions of split ends that dangled from my head goodbye. I took this photo in black and white for Snapchat purposes to hide the color since I wasn’t ready to do my final reveal just yet.


4:12 pm After snipping away, taking off length, and adding beautiful layers, Martin dried and styled my hair. He is an expert so I trusted him. This may have been the best haircut I’ve ever had. He moved with such precision and speed it was amazing. Every clip of his scissors was extremely accurate and he wasted no time. I thought back to the time that I got a haircut from a teenage beauty school student. #NeverForget that nightmare. I thanked God for Martin.

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4:31 pm I laid my eyes on the final reveal and was in love. Here is a cute candid of me and Martin being our adorable selves and loving my new look.


4:34 pm Ani ordered Uncle Ted’s delivery and we ate Chinese food. She was still in her robe. I was still in my chair. No one cared because everyone at Marie-Lou & D is a saint. Since I have the metabolism of a tadpole, (I am just assuming they have quick metabolisms, this is not a scientific fact,) I was absolutely starving after my afternoon of champagne and slightly stressful hair transformations. I was careful not to let the greasy dumplings touch my gorgeous new strands.


4:45 pm It was finally time for our after pics! We all headed back over to the Insta-worthy mirror. My two makeover mavens and I posed for some adorable photos. We hugged. I was sad to say goodbye. Thankfully, Rocco recommended the Kerastase Chroma line to make sure that my hair color would stay vibrant and beautiful for months to come.


4:51 pm I left the salon looking amazing and wondering how I ever survived before this transformation. I knew Tyra would’ve been proud. If she had seen me today, she would’ve definitely scooped me up for ANTM (short girls edition, let’s be real). Thanks, Marie-Lou and D and most importantly Rocco and Martin for making me my most beautiful self!

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Looking to get your own hair transformation? Head to Mary-Lou & D to book an appointment with Rocco and Martin STAT! I have a feeling it’s going to be tough to nab a slot once the hidden gem that is Mary Lou & D gets out.

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