CityRow is one of our Junior Editor, Leah Gay’s, favorite workout classes. They just launched their latest studio on the Upper East Side. Naturally, after hearing such rave reviews, I had to pop in to check out the new digs and take one of their awesome water-based rowers for a ride.

Located on Third Avenue at 80th Street, CityRow’s beautiful new location was not an easy trek for this Brooklyn-ite, but I was dying to try out the boutique fitness studio so I dragged my in-much-need-of-toning butt out of bed on the first Monday back from winter break at 5:30 AM so I could make it to their 8:00 AM class on time. “New year, new me” had never felt so real.

Once inside the warm, inviting boutique, I was warmly greeted be a friendly face. After checking in I was told my class would be in the downstairs studio so I made my way past an array of adorable athleticwear and caught a glimpse of their upstairs studio before heading downstairs to their impressive locker rooms. After securing all my belongings, I grabbed two sets of weights (heavy and light) and situated myself on one of the gorgeous water-based row machines.

Our instructor, Melody was super chipper and enthusiastic. Two qualities everyone in the room were severely lacking at such an early hour, but over the course of the next 50 minutes, we were all on her level and completely energized. If you’re a newbie to rowing, fear not. This class starts with an intro to the proper way to row. Once everyone was prepped and ready to go, it was time to get turnt.

I’ve taken a few rowing classes elsewhere and my form always gets corrected, so I’m not going to lie, I was pretty psyched that Melody never had to correct me. Definitely a nod to her teaching skills. I was also psyched that the class included a ton of floor work, my personal favorite. Core, butt, legs, arms, we did it all — both on the rower and on the mat with and without weights. By the time we were on minute three of planking after rowing our hearts out you best believe I was a Sweaty Betty. But Melody’s spirit combined with the bumping music and my serious lack of muscle definition after the holidays — I crunched, planked, and rowed on.

By the end of the class as I cooled down I wasn’t just ready to take on the day, I also couldn’t wait to take on the sore muscles the next day was sure to bring. The signature sign of a great workout.

Ready to get a total body workout at CityRow? Head to their site to check out their schedule and book a class at their Upper East Side or Union Square location. Each class costs $32.

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Have you ever tried rowing?

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35 Responses

  1. Diana Smith Hill

    I never tried rowing in a gym, but I have rowed many boats.
    I am sure it’s the same thing.
    I bet it would be amazing for your core and your arms (areas I need to work on right now!.
    Yes I would. I would love a gym membership, for me that would be the ideal gift!

  2. Daniela Plume

    no i haven’t yet. i love the elliptical, stair master & spinning though.

  3. Staci Z.

    I have not tried rowing but if there was one near me I would definitely give it a shot.

  4. deborah b

    no I have not, but considering it is good for strengthening your core, I would like to so I can improve my posture and lower my back pain naturally!

  5. Marie Byrne

    I love rowing, especially my water based sessions but I find ergs so hard

  6. Sandy Weinstein

    i used to use the rowing machine at the gym all of the time. now i just use the stretch ropes at home.

  7. Stephanie V.

    Yes, many many moons ago and pooped out after 5 minutes. Not pretty. lol
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  8. Stephanie Upton

    I’ve never tried it before, didn’t think I was really for me, but this article makes the best argument I’ve heard so far!! :)) Sounds like I might need to re-think this!! :))

  9. patricia

    I have not tried rowing, but after reading this article I will try one at the gym. Thanks!

  10. Mary W

    I have tried rowing but did not stick with it long enough. It’s a great work out!

    • Jean

      I have never done a rowing class but have been told it is a great workout. I like to kayak but I’m sure rowing is much more intense


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