Oprah puts her name behind a lot of great products, but when I saw that she had an at-home paraffin hand treatment on her January O List, I was skeptical. I really couldn’t imagine Oprah sitting on a chaise lounge in her billion dollar mansion while attempting to moisturize her hands in some plastic gloves. Does gLOVE Treat actually work? Or did Ms. Winfrey simply put them on her list to round it out with something interesting and different?

glove treat

I had to put them to the test. So, I popped a pair of gLOVE Treat gloves in the microwave, waited until the heat indicator told me they were the right temperature, turned on The Bachelor, and sat down to see what would happen with my hands. Are they worth the $36.99 price tag, or is this just another beauty bust? Find out below.

Pros: Where do I even begin when there are so many? First of all, you feel like you’re visiting a spa from the comfort of your couch, and the warm gooey gloves feel super luxurious and relaxing after a long day. Plus, they’re reusable up to four times, meaning if you use them once a week that’s a month of total hand moisturization. They’re also made of all natural coconut oil, paraffin wax, and essential oils, so you’re getting great results without putting gross chemicals on your skin. After the 15-minute wait period, you simply massage the leftover oils into your hands and you’re good to go. My hands were extremely hydrated for days after using this treatment, a feat not often achieved a windy, cold winter. Overall I give gLOVE Treat two moisturized thumbs up.

Cons: You can’t really do anything with your hands while wearing them. I attempted to read the Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit catalog with these bad boys on and couldn’t turn a single page. I also tried to lift a glass of wine to my mouth with no luck. However, 15 minutes is a very short period of time and the results are definitely worth it.

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Do you own any of Oprah’s favorite things?

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22 Responses

  1. Sharday L.

    Sadly, I don’t own any of Oprah’s favorite things, but Chef Buddy 4-qt. Stainless Steel Food Steamer looks awesome! I might have to own that soon!

  2. evans s

    I did purchase cheese that was featured on her show for a mac and cheese dish. The mac and cheese tasted good but nothing that I would go out of my way to buy again.

  3. Kelly Bishop

    Yes! I bought the Uggs and Apple Watch from Oprah’s 2015 List of Favorites. Love both of them!

  4. denise

    no, but I’ve tried teas featured in her favorite teas in the past.

    I know someone who won an Oprah VW!

  5. Destiny

    Yes years ago she featured Kai body sponges I love them! Their like pre-filled loofas but made out of sponge. They smell amazing!

  6. Sandy Weinstein

    i dont think i own any of Oprah’s favorite things, cant really afford them, but love them

  7. Shar

    I don ‘t own any of Oprah’s favorite things! I did try to win them though!

  8. patricia

    I don’t think I use/own any of Oprah’s favorite things. These gloves sound interesting. I do something similar for my hair when I swim laps in the pool. I always wear a swim cap to protect my long, fine hair. I also put hair conditioner on and then the cap. After the swim and shower/shampoo, my hair is silky. It really protects it from the damage.

  9. Stephanie V.

    No, not yet. I’ve read some of her lists when they first appear, but don’t go back to them for reference when the time to purchase new beauty items occurs. These gloves sound fabulous and much needed on my dry skin though! Thanks for the review!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com


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