An Easy DIY Manicure With Fun Shapes

Last week’s nails were dark and flashy, this week I decided to tone things down with a clean looking manicure. I went nude with a simple yet chic design involving shapes with the help of some fun nail tools!

DIY manicure


What You Need:


1. Apply “all in one” by essie. Wait for your base coat to fully dry.

2. Stick on a “V” shaped tip guide. Make sure the base of the “V” falls towards the middle of your nail and is perfectly centered.

3. Polish in the “V” using “Luxe” gold.

4. Using your dotting tool apply a dot at the base/point of the “V”. From there create an even amount of dots on each side of the “V”. I was able to fit 3 per side using “the perfect cover up”.

5. Allow your design to fully dry before applying “glosser”.

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How often do you treat yourself to a DIY at-home mani?

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