Today, we stumbled across a recent report on the 2016 spa trends to look out for. Naturally, we were super excited to see what other industry experts were projecting. “New year, new spa trends,” we thought. Although we are still obsessed with traditional massages, mani-pedis, and facials, it is always exciting to see which new and interesting treatments will hit the spa scene each year. But, once we laid eyes on the list, we were a little disappointed. These “trends” were hardly new and impressive. Even though this list contained some of the things that we already know and love, they were just that…things we already know. Nonetheless, we are excited for another awesome year of wellness, and can’t wait to keep up with some of our favorite activities, beauty products, and more. Check out the “trends” we debunked below!



Thought that surfing was only for cool dudes splashing around in the Pacific Ocean? Think again! Fortunately, even those who can’t swim are able to hop on a board at a surf simulation fitness class. SurfSet started out as a Shark Tank success story in 2012 and has been a workout staple ever since. New? Nope! Fun? Absolutely!

Sexual Wellbeing


From vagina steams to pole dancing classes, unleashing your inner sexy and taking care of your sexual health has been in for years, not days. We celebrated 2015 by climbing up some silk cloths to feel totally empowered and beautiful, and we can’t wait to do it again this year.


2016 spa trends

Meet ups for like-minded people have been hitting the wellness scene for some time now. From SUP yoga retreats, to Lole’s massive White Tour, getting together with people who share your fitness interests can lead to lifelong friendships and new workout pals. It’s like Coachella, but with spa water!

On-Demand – Uberization of Spa & Wellness

We’ve seen on-the-go beauty and wellness services being forecasted in multiple 2016 trends lists this January. However, we’ve been singing the praises of apps like Glamsquad for months. Makeup, hair services, manis, and more straight to your door? Why would you ever leave home again.

Korean Beauty


Korean beauty is amazing, don’t get us wrong. There is a reason that people have been obsessing over the awesome products that come out of this great country. But new? Hardly. Last March, Sephora opened it’s arms to major K beauty brand, belif. Plus, Tony Moly’s adorable products have been a staple in American beauty arsenals for years.

Workplace Wellness


Thankfully, workplace wellness has been gaining major traction for a while now. Making sure that you are happy and healthy in the place that you spend over eight hours a day is key, and employers have been ensuring that this happens. When you’re feeling well, your work will definitely reflect it!


From bellbottom jeans to blue eye shadow, which outdated “trends” are you still obsessed with?

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128 Responses

  1. Sharon cubic

    I am stuck in the 90’s forever. I still love flannels, Dr Martin’s and colored eye liner.

  2. Dunia Goncalves

    I never know when something is in or out but my little black dress is timeless

  3. sandy weinstein

    i still think suits are appropriate for work, funerals and sundays at church, etc. i still like to match things, shoes, purses, etc.

  4. Peggy Miller

    Wide legged jeans. Although I think they’re back in style, they just look so much better on me than skinny leg jeans.

  5. vianetia jimenez

    I still use a fanny pack when I go hiking. how those bad boys ever went out of style is beyond me.

  6. Lori R

    Can’t think of any in particular as trends are outdated one day and back in fashion the next, but I have a couple outfits from years ago that might not be in style right now, but I’m *certain* they’ll be in style again and I’ll give them to a niece, or maybe great-niece!

  7. Robert Tschinkel

    the outdated trend I still love is bright colored sports jackets, I still think they’re cool

  8. Kat

    I’m still obsessed with wearing warm, over-sized flannel shirts that started when the “grunge” look became popular in the 90s.

  9. Heidi

    I think I’m two seasons behind, but I’m still wearing sweaters with tribal/ikat prints.

  10. Diana Smith Hill

    High waist elephant jeans! (To the belly button) I had a white pair, they were semi- elephant pants, larger than bell bottoms, not quite elephant but a sleek look from your thigh to your toe. Great look for people with thick thighs. Yes I would love them to make a come back.
    Next on my list would of course be the suits with the couture look on the behind.
    I loved those. They use to come with puffed sleeves (that I don’t want back) shoulder pads – maybe they can come back but not overdone like they use to be and of course the Midi and maxi skirts.

  11. Leah Allen

    I still like the Big hair style. I think when my hair is flat it makes my face look fatter. Also, I like skinny jeans that do not flare out because they make my legs look skinnier.

  12. Julie

    Skinny jeans! I’m short, and it’s way easier to find a pair that fits and doesn’t need hemming.

  13. Jacqueline Graves

    I think I’ll always love a good facial, no matter what is trendy and I’ll always love big hair even if it’s out of style. I was a teen when the original Charlie’s Angels were on TV and they were so tough, yet feminine! ha

  14. Charu

    I still have my long skirts an plain tops from the 90’s. Is that coming back any time?

  15. Jane

    I’m so not afflicted by FOMO when it comes to trends! Too bad that the fashion, makeup and even spa worlds’ needs to stay “trendy” results in favorite products or services being discontinued. Still, I’ll try new stuff, especially to find subs for discontinued ones.

  16. Staci Z.

    I do still like a bootcut or flare jean, I’m not sure if that is grouped with bellbottoms or not. I’m definitely not the most fashion forward.

  17. Kim B

    According to my teen daughter, all of my fashion, hair and makeup is outdated – LOL

  18. Nicole

    I’m still obsessed with the neon colors from the 80’s, especially the hot pink.

  19. Marsha

    I still use blue eye shadow but a very light blue. I have green eyes and the blue seems to bring out the color 🙂

  20. Sharday L.

    The outdated trend I’m still obsessed with are jean jackets and anything glittery <3

  21. Nicole Nigro Speyer

    I still love oversized sunglasses. The kind celebrities wear when they are pretending to be incognito. You can have have them when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

  22. jaclyne L.

    I love flannel and always will! I don’t care if it goes out of style 🙂

  23. Laurie W.

    I’m not stuck on any outdated trends really…but I do like the way bellbottoms balance your curves. 🙂

  24. Pam Flynn

    I love my baby blue eye shadow but only as a highlight now, not the entire eyelid.


    I hate to admit this!!! However, I am still into big hair!!! LOL My BF loves my hair, big & crazy!:-)

  26. Megan

    I’ve heard that Ombre hair color is on its way out, but I love the look! I think there are ways to make it look more updated, like using different colors (red!) as lowlights, and making the highlights more subtle and natural.

  27. Kelly

    I’m not a huge fan of change so I tend to stick with trends past the time they aren’t cool anymore! If it works, why switch?! That being said, I did just try a photo facial laser recently but did not see any change whatsoever. It just gives more validity to my statement, ha! 🙂

  28. Ashley B.

    I still own my conair hair crimper from middle school, and yes I do use it occasionally! haha

  29. Sherry Lesher

    I have never been to a spa, but would love the opportunity while wearing my blue jean bell bottoms.

  30. Jessica

    I haven’t been able to keep up with any trends. 🙁 I feel so out of date and frumpy!

  31. Dana

    I still occasionally wear my hair in a side ponytail. It sounds silly but if you add some curls it could be a really cute look.

  32. Heather Oswald

    Big hair. 🙂 I’m obviously Texan and I did let it go but I still love a good foofy hair style. #passtheaquanet

  33. Chelsea

    Psssh, vintage everything for me! High-waisted jeans, stacked bracelets, dark lipliner (done correctly) and hoop earrings >.<

  34. Tracy S

    i’m not excited about either, but I’ll take bellbottoms over blue eyeshadow

  35. Lucy

    overalls, stacked hemp bracelets, tiedye shirts, and wearing your jacket around your waist!


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